How to win as a stock market speculator pdf

How to win as a stock market speculator pdf

Author: Corrado Date: 26.05.2017

The answer came to me just I was just finishing my book Going Postal. Researching and writing that book was a real mind-fuck: I realized something obvious when I pulled back from all that research and looked at the Kerry-Bush race: The whole thing was absurd, of course—when Yasha Levine and I first broke the story in February, that the Tea Party was an Astroturf campaign funded by the then little-known Koch brothers and FreedomWorks, no one was more surprised by it all than we were.

It took a long time for the left to get behind our story, largely because it was just too damn depressing for the left to accept. But by then, the Tea Party story got even more absurd: Fueled by spite, these protesters proved to the world that Americans would rather die in misery and bankruptcy than live longer healthier lives.

A victory for the spite-ists, in other words. Like the Grumpy Old Man character, Americans are miserable and we like it! My longtime Alternet editor and friend, Jan Frel, has been pestering me to rework and republish this article.

So here it is. It came on suddenly and without warning. I hope Bush wins. This interior rant lasted for a good five minutes before I snapped out of it. The realization that some pro-Republican sentiment lurks inside of me was enough to make me want to stick my head in the oven. Or throw myself out the window like the possessed priest at the end of The Exorcist. For the first time in almost 30 years, the left has a chance to occupy the reality vacuum that opened up after the big barbecue in Fallujah.

The once-vicious humor, born of desperation and hatred, is again becoming nauseatingly didactic and responsible. This is a disaster.

how to win as a stock market speculator pdf

Some people say that the Democrats are actually getting bolder and more vicious. What Gore and Pelosi and the others on their bandwagon are really trying to do is snuff out the real rage before it spreads and threatens their fake opposition.

Co-opt the opposition, suck the life out of it and dump its dried-out shell on the side of the freeway, where it can never bother you again. This is America, not Denmark. In this country, tens of millions of people choose to watch FoxNews not simply because Americans are credulous idiots or at the behest of some right-wing corporate cabal, but because average Americans respect viciousness.

They are attracted to viciousness for a lot of reasons. In part, it reminds them of their bosses, whom they secretly adore. Americans hate themselves for the way they behave in public, always smiling and nodding their heads with accompanying really? So they vicariously scream and bully others into submission through right-wing surrogate-brutes. Spending time watching Sean Hannity is enough for your average American white male to feel less cowardly than he really is.

What if Americans consciously choose lies over truth when given the chance—and not even very interesting lies, but rather the blandest, dumbest and meanest lies? What if Americans are not a likeable people? The Republicans know Americans better than the left. And this leads to another truth that the left still has trouble understanding: This puts Frank in a logical bind he never quite gets out of.

Like all lefties, he is incapable of taking his ruthless analysis beyond a certain point—a point that considers the most obvious question no one has the guts to ask: The underlying major premise of humanist-leftist ideology assumes that people are intrinsically sympathetic, reasonable and fair, and are only spoiled by nefarious outside influences. But if you allow that tens of millions of Americans are defiantly mean and craven and defiantly ignorant, the humanist-left construct loses its purpose and self-destructs.

This giant flaw in the left-progressive construct, and their refusal to even begin grappling with it, is what keeps the left chasing its tail over the great Kansas mystery, and never getting any closer to answering their question: Why do so many working- and middle-class white males vote against what is obviously their own best interests? I can tell you why. They do so out of spite.

Most white males here at least the straight ones have either dismal sex lives or no sex lives at all. As bad as this hurts, the pain is compounded every time you expose yourself to the cultural lies that await you at every turn—that is, every waking hour and during deep REM sleep, when the subliminal messages kick in. This wretchedness leads to a desire for vengeance, to externalize the inner famine—it leads directly to the Republican camp.

The left struggles to understand why so many non-millionaire Americans vote Republican, and yet they rarely ask themselves why so many millionaires, particularly the most beautiful and privileged millionaires in Manhattan and Los Angeles, vote for the Democrats.

I can answer both. Rich, beautiful, coastal types are liberal precisely because their lives are so wonderful. They want to preserve their lives exactly as they are. War and domestic insurrection are the greatest threats to their already-perfect lives—why mess with it? They just want to pay off all the have-nots to keep them from storming their manors and impaling them on stakes.

If Republican billionaires enjoy their wealth, they sure as hell hide it well. As far as one can tell, Republican billionaires genuinely like working hour days in offices, and attending dreary charity dinners. At the other end of the economic spectrum, non-millionaires who vote Republican know all-too-well that the country is not theirs. Even if it means hurting myself in the process. This explains the mystery of why Bush still has a chance of winning in November, even though most Americans acknowledge that his presidency is little more than a series of slapstick fuck-ups with apocalyptic consequences.

Inspector Clouseau meets the Book of Revelations. Close to half of this country will support Bush simply to spite that part of America that it sees as most threatened by the Iraq debacle. If the empire ends up collapsing into that filthy, sizzling hellhole in the desert, if more terrorists are created to help set off dirty bombs in Manhattan or Los Angeles, our spiteful voter has a real chance of finally achieving some empowerment.

Bring down the coastal elite and the single something Ohio salesman might actually matter. Spite voting is mostly a white male phenomenon, which is why a majority of white males vote Republican. It comes from a toxic mix of thwarted expectations, cowardice, shame, and a particular strain of anomie that is unique to the white American male experience. When I lived in Kosovo in the late summer ofI asked my Serb friends there if they thought Milosevic was going to win the upcoming Serbian presidential elections.

Under Milosevic, nearly every Serb was fucked equally, and that suited some people, particularly some Serbian males, just fine. Better to keep the villain in, and the young ambitious go-getters out. Bush and Milosevic have a lot in common. Before Milosevic, the Serbs were loved by everyone in the West. He attacked the U. Like Bush, Milosevic destroyed his little empire almost as quickly as he assumed control of it. It took a decade and massive covert and overt Western efforts to finally get Milosevic out of power and into the dock.

For many a spiteful Serb male, those years of decline, hatred and isolation were glorious years indeed. Sadly, the chances of the international community putting their blue helmets where their whingeing mouths are to overthrow Bush, liberating us from our own bad judgment, are nil to negative-nil.

There is still a chance to get the spite-ists vote to defect. With Kerry, the spleen just daydreams about other things. If there were one perfect spite-ist president, it was Richard Nixon. He looked mean, spoke mean and stomped on the hippies who were having too many orgasms, the last real orgasms this country ever witnessed. There is nothing about Kerry to make a man envious, even if he is rich and famous.

When it comes to the spite intangibles, Kerry is the closest thing to Nixon that the Democrats have ever fielded.

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All the left has to do is not stir up the wrong bile. Rove and the Republicans know their spite, and know how to harness that spite and focus it on a target, no matter how inoffensive that target might seem—even if the target was a house plant with hair like John Kerry. Everyone was shocked by this strategy: He lived the life every dead-ender American wishes he had lived, daydreaming about courage in his wretched cubicle.

how to win as a stock market speculator pdf

On top of being an action hero, Kerry spoke French. That meant he had sex. The final death blow was releasing the photo of Kerry wind-surfing like some happy coastal Californian celebrity…Add all that up, and what you get is the picture of a man who has had an interesting, enviable sex life.

The very picture of hate to the millions of Americans stuck in eventless, dreary, unfilmable lives. But not for long. If you never had a chance in the first place, that at least is some comfort—Obama ruined that excuse, and suggested that we might, after all, live in something like a meritocracy, the scariest thought of all for the spiteists.

But the left should see this as an opportunity. We can use spite to reform this wrecked country!

After all, the spite we want to arouse is absolutely legit, totally justified and in fact way overdue! Why is the left so wobbly-kneed about bringing up the obvious? You have every reason to be angry! BushclouseauelectionsiraqkansaskerrykochRick SantellispiteTea Partythomas frankvotersMark AmesClass War For Idiots.

Got something to say to us? Then send us a letter. Twitter twerps can follow us at twitter. You should spend more time here in the deep south where you would find that our college- and middle-aged white women are usually just as grasping, venal, and petty in all the same ways and for all the same reasons which they will happily outline for you as their cowardly cracker-man counterparts.

On second thought, just take my word for it. That spite is like a coal fire, it needs to be stoked constantly to keep burning — which is why the right has talk radio and TV news mostly locked up. They peddle their hate and lies as a way to keep the fires of spite burning. We leftists have no media infrastructure that can compete.

Brer Rabbit, trouble is, many women do not think for themselves, especially but not exclusively in conservative ambients. Just pick up and repeat what their husbands or fathers do. In this case, our Mary Jane grows up as petty and spiteful as her loser dad, marries a carbon copy of her loser dad, and lives a petty, spiteful life exactly like her mom did.

A lot more of unfounded American beliefs can be explained if we let go if this endlessly repeated by Americans themselves mantra that Americans are God fearing decent people with a strong sense of justice and a built in longing for freedom. You have just been raped by a corporation yet you cling to the notion of free markets, even though it is clear to everyone including you that the markets a neither free nor fair.

You are an idiot and like many other idiots your greatest fear is being publicly outed as one. Why it makes sense: The so called invisible hand of market publicly exonerates you from being an idiot. You know very well that the markets sometimes act irrational, perhaps even crazy; this fact alone absolves you from your own painfully stupid decisions. After all you where not the only one to make bad financial decisions. Everybody lost money, even online trading system for trading forex 2086 so called great sage of Omaha, Warren Buffett.

Most of them could not make the connection even if they cared. A corollary to the spite-voter bloc theory, which I also relate to, is the scotch-Irish peasant rage theory of American politics. Scotch-Irish meaness can should we buy meridian shares anti-elitist sentiments, racism, war mongering, psychotic religious convictions, drug abuse… basically whiteness itself.

My friends, all this spite and anger is a symptom of a greater crisis: America has stopped looking nadex forex binary options at the stars and dreaming big dreams; we have lost our cosmic vision. I am therefore founding a new spiritual movement to revive the cosmic consciousness that was dawning strategies for binary options 60 seconds indicator the days of A Space Odyssey and the Apollo missions.

A revived space program and a renewed cosmic vision for humanity is our best hope of defeating the pessimists and preventing the failure of the human enterprise in this century. For more information about Cosmism, please click on my name above.

You should be getting the big left strategist checks for these roadmaps to success, but that would be rational. No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.

Once a colony, always a colony. I remember quite well when my high school was giving out college scholarships in the auditorium: Then again, the most hateful of looks were from barclays stockbrokers cfds demo preps, not from the tech-school and barely-graduated crowd.

In this way, I think you Ames should consider that Americans hate hsbc euro exchange rate calculator person just above them almost as much or perhaps more than the person way above them. However, keep in mind that this refers to matters of economics, talent, etc. A brief glance at the tea party ranks as well as consulting the polling data makes it clear that the Tea Party and their supporters are solidly middle class and particularly lower-middle class.

This is all spiteful as hell, yeah, but not to the extent that it compels them to act against their own economic interests. The Tea Party is centrally about class warfare; failure to understand that results in the some of the sheer speculation in the above article.

What America needs is a Stalin: I mean think about it, the purges were basically the elimination of anything resembling a middle class from Soviet society economically, intellectually, politically, and physically. The answer has been Stalin all along. Yeah the teabaggers are on the wrong side of the class war, but guess what, both the liberals and conservatives want the same thing in the end as far as they go.

Let me condense my agreement with some of the comments above and say the US is fucking medieval. The finer points of analysis are just window dressing. That said, Mark has nailed it: So far, so good. But what is their true motive for opposing help for the poor?

Are they really fearful that helping the poor will cost them? More than likely, Tea-Tards are just petty, mean, pieces of shit who define their own paltry successes at the expense of others….

More importantly, why do Tea-Tard types cheer the ultra-rich? Case in point, the old geezer that lives across the street. He joined the Army in and was still in training when the war ended. He went to college for free, and obtained low cost mortgages under the GI bill. This man came from a dirt poor family of East European immigrants. Had it not been for opportunities extended to him by the government, he would have joined his father at the saw win cash surveys when he turned At the same time, the old coot absolutely worships the tiny brained hominids who run the local town council….

How do you explain this phenomenon of cutting off your own nose to spite your face? How about stupidity combined with total lack of character? And that we should pursue the kind of soft on crime policies that led to the crime wave of stock market tutorials for beginners 60ss?

It has the odor of good old fashioned American sadism. Yes, very funny, just like the original. In fact working people have no more reason to give their vote to the corporate whores in the Democratic Party than they do to choose the Republicans. Obama was elected with those kind of votes, and those votes evaporated in when he turned out unsurprisingly to be a stand-for-nothing imperialist Wall Street stock market nokia app like every other president.

The first basic options calculator excel add-in of human stupidity asserts without ambiguity that: Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation. A bill williams forex trading person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.

The strange, fearsome origins of The Angry White Man aside from Kevin Philips late 60s The Emergence of a Republican Majority:. Best articles s i have read in a loooooong time.

Art Bell is retired and replaced by a hack. Larry King was castrated in …. But jeez…i am just nitpicking. We love you, mark……trust me. Whenever Americans are polled on individual issues they come out overwhelmingly in favour of the progressive positions.

They vote for their perception of the party, not what the party will actually do. The solution for the left is to become the insiders again. Stop playing at politics and assert dominance. I think this spite argument applies to all of humanity, not just American white trash. It explains Russian gopniks worshipping Putin entirely. People resist change just like we resist inertia. Much easier to say we never had a chance. Much easier to hate the successful and their great sex lives.

What percentage of Americans ever bother to vote? It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself! There was never a Democracy that did not commit suicide. A natural democracy, with people voting in their self interest, gradually becomes a socialist republic. This is obvious given the pyramid structure of wealth distribution, especially in a capitalist economy. Most voters are at the bottom of that structure, and would naturally vote money to themselves, in their self interest.

The western European socialist countries, and perhaps Canada and New Zealand, are the best example this world has of true democracies in action. Nor surprisingly, these countries have the highest democracy rankings. I think that what it really boils down to is something extremely simple. That is that the media is too sophisticated to not have full control of the mind of the average person, at the average degree of intelligence. Its just too easy to give opinions to people who fall in the IQ range of Not in how legislation is executed nor in what such execution infers about the nature of our democracy.

And then, of course, there is the corporate money that steers the action forex james16 politicians. Like it how to win as a stock market speculator pdf a Mexican Sheriff. A democracy in which the rules favor the top of the pyramid, at the gross expense of the base, is by definition not a democracy. Hopefully, the tea partiers will show how mean they truly are and execute all the leftist scum: Democrats, neo-cons, Obamaites, etc.

You both talk real talk like nobody else in the pundit world. I can just see it:. Ames neglects one vital factor — religion. The Tea-Baggers are Jesus-freaks almost to a man Jesus-Baggers, maybe? This article is so true. My relatives constantly brag about how great things used to be. You know, in the good old days of tapeworm, high infant mortality, gratuitous violence against Negroes, etc.

When people do laugh and have fun around here, it tends to be in a mean-spirited, hateful way. My grandfather was the same, turned 18 in got all the perks, but you think that got the Gaelic meaness out of his bones? Ames think of the celt i. Better that we should go extinct here and now, and save E. I like the spite theory, and it explains so much more than just the pettiness of white voters over economic issues.

It also explains the seeming death wish of Republican voters over issues like all about binary options trading millionaires control and environmental destruction. This is one of binary options skills things that gives me hope, and which Ames touches on in his article — in addition to being spiteful, these people are also complete pussies.

If you think a KOStard is any more of a pussy than licensed trade stocktaking qualifications folks, you are dreaming. No segment of contemporary America has a market mover stock on pussies, because they are the majority in any given segment of our society.

The subject of this article is expanded upon in the book The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movement. Its thesis is pretty much: The entire reality-denying nature that runs through a lot of them comes from the constant effort of never acknowledging that their failures are entirely their own shortcomings. This is why they long for a jackbooted authoritative system: And yeah, not getting laid is a big part of it.

I think you just answered the Fermi paradox. Out come the restate spite fueled nukes to play some asteroid billiards. A few how to earn money from cookbooks maneuvers later and bam we got ourselves another extinction event.

This reminds me of something Slavoj Zizek said. You were right to talk about sexual envy. The spite is seldom consciously articulated. Instead, what right-wing rhetoric and religion do is create a sense of moral superiority for self-hating failures, and sexual failure adds a powerful libidinal impulse that can be manipulated.

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Is it any wonder that the religions that gobbled up most of the world in the past couple millenia had strong sexual taboos? Capitalism is today the driving force in the cultural development. What C said about the media being too sophisticated to not have control of the mind of the average person is absolutely correct, but this manifests itself, not just in superficial political rhetoric, but in the basic structure of our psychosocial environment.

The right-wing elites, as you said, simply hide behind their dignified calvinist masks and stoke the fires of resentment. However, your piece how to win as a stock market speculator pdf an important element — the outdated American electoral system that gives Spite-ists the deciding influence.

Spite-its are a numerical minority — I guess no more than a quarter or so of the population. But in the winner-takes-all electoral system, they tip the balance if they are mobilized. That poses a problem for the liberals, because if they tried to mobilize that spiteful element, they would lose the core supporters. Right wingers have no such a problem, they can mobilize spite-ists and maintain the loyalty of their core supporters.

The only way minimize the spite-ist influence is to switch to the EU-style proportional representation system. That is why in the EU hateful political rhetoric is limited to the fringe right. Close, but no cigar, junior. The word you are looking for is not spite. So your snazzy premise, and I grant you its pretty snazzy, restates as: People immersed in fear, behave badly, act out against their own interests. Zach — so the operative question should not be why these loner freaks lose it every now and again and have a shooting spree, but why there is not more?

I have never seen such a collection of elite leftist misconception. The Tea Partiers are pro-free market and anti-regulation, but not pro-corporation.

They feel the corporations have a right to sell their wares in any dirty, underhanded fashion they want ie, the entire stock marketand customers dumb enough to buy into it deserve what they get. All of this is topped off by the grotesque photo used to head the article. Your side had two years of in power with complete control of government and all you think to do was throw money at the problem.

On the other hand, if you life is empty, frustrated, and headed nowhere …. Whoopdy Doo — you say: I have not heard anybody associated with the Tea Party target CEOs or Wall Street bankster bonuses, or any of the massive theft by anybody who is above their station. All the bile is reserved for those below them, a fact which seems to support what Ames is saying here. They also always manage to conveniently ignore the fact that the vast majority of welfare recipients are white.

Funny how that works. January 25th, at 6: You act like its selfishness somehow makes it more realistic. Dreaming of uniformity in any ideal is a waste of time. The Tea parties only arose after the advent of HASP.

Again, they may have been unhappy at the bailout, but their protest of that alone was largely silent. They did not rise up until it looked like public money might have stood to help poor people. I might add that a Caveat Emptor attitude was a contributing factor in the recession.

As for State ownership, it can be beneficial but has yet to occur in a real fashion.

how to win as a stock market speculator pdf

Rape is wrong, but rape jokes can be hilarious. Many leftists support cuts to the MilInCom, mining, and agribusiness sectors. Most of the reps from districts with a high presence of those things hold onto the pork that keeps it thriving there like their cocks, irrespective of parties.

And do you vote out the bastards for massively expanding the size of the state? Go libertarian en masse? No you listen to fairy tales about Democrats or what passes for the Left to help you escape personal responsibility. The problem with the teapartiers is unrelated to their purported aims.

The issue is that their purported aims are not their actual aims imagine that! The policies of President Bush and President Obama have been virtually indistinguishable, yet the former was given a free pass by the Right on everything he did. If only I could be bright, perceptive, and non-gullible like the teapartiers! January 26th, at 1: Over here in the UK, the recent election was run on the issues of The Bankers and Immigration. Actually, scratch that, all the commies suck.

They care more about jerking off over academic Marxism and going to anti-war marches than learning about how industry operates today, what the actual purpose of imperialism is in the current economy, how to set up telecommunications and direct resources, what a planned economy is and how it works, etc. Plus they align themselves with progressivism which in this country is an imperialist ideology anyway.

The link embedded in my screen-handle speaks volumes. Awesome insight as an outsider looking in to American politics. I pray for more analysis such as this being made available for all to read. According to Wikipedia, they are an offshoot of the neo-Stalinist Workers World Party the parent organization of ANSWER or Act Now to End War and Racism, the crucial organizer of many of the early protests of the invasion of Iraq.

No reason has been given by either party for the splitting off of the PSL from the WWP and they both have an identical party-line. This was just too fucking byoo-tee-full not to share in light of the subject matter! Quit equating Tea Partiers with Republicans. And if the Kochs had anything to do with starting the party, it has certainly bigger than them now. If your side had spent any time actually listening to the Tea Partiers, a lot fewer of them would be out of office right now.

The Tea Partiers know — better than you, apparently — that NONE of the bailout money went to the poor. It is absolutely beyond me how anyone thinks that taking money from productive citizenry is anything but counterproductive. And I like raunchy jokes as much as the next guy, but the photo is of a REAL PERSON. All you libertards, please show me a country that has done successfully implemented anything remotely similar to the sort of free-market uptopia that you imagine.

They follow the Protestant work-to-deathic: Being religious fundamentalists one and all, the Baggers reject cause-and-effect in favour of magical thinking; that would include scapegoating and propitiatory sacrifice. Same for Madison, Washington, Monroe, etc. The people are who they are. The part about Jon Stewart was exactly right. Am I the only one who notices that comedians are considered the best social and political commentators in this country? Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher are or were allowed to say the truth or at least address controversial subjects more than any political figure.

Do you know why? Because the people want to hear the truth without it meaning anything. The right have their hateful pieces of shit front and center in the media and elected as politicians but the cynical left, who can obviously retaliate beautifully as they do in those two clips, have been completely annihilated from the political discourse. The left really underestimates how the media and government can act as an honest, accurate mirror reflections of the peoples will.

It would appear that Mark Ames realizes the universality of this problem by his Serbian example but the general rule is that the powerful and the potentially powerful are the problem. Once people enter the middle and upper class, or can potentially get there, all morality, intelligence and responsibility towards their fellow human beings disintegrates.

The problems those on the left have to realize really encompass billions of people.

How to be a Speculator in Trading or Investing?

At least some people are getting that maybe the precious people are turning out to be the enemy and need to be argued against. NeoConfederates love that Movie, they and their Archie Bunkerish Irish Catholic counterparts, and distant cousins dna evidence backs this claim up both try to outdo each other in claims of Celtic victimhood. These identities are just latter applications, applied to an angry, festering, fog-ridden population who were probably already peeved off about something when Stonehenge was being built.

The Oil Business in Wyoming |

These days they see themselves as the victims of a vast conspiracy of effeminate btw, if Edward et al were effeminate how did they kick so much Gaelic ass? This is oddly Randist: It might take a long time, not least because so many of the powerful the eviller rich, the preachers, your boss profit from the misery of those below them, if only because they enjoy watching it—economic Calvinism meets the economic Abominable Fallacy.

But every incremental change for the better can make them more amenable to reason and less to spite. This might seem entirely inadequate to a lot of you, but I warn you: You assume that rational decisions necessarily put economic interests above all others. But you really, reallh failed to grasp this. Their proof brand of lily-white sadism has been fundamental to American institutions like the military, religion, and those flavors of politics that embrace the first two.

No longer an ethnic tinge, it is long since dispersed into the air we breathe, and it is high time it was reckoned with. Now that the American people, white people that is, elected Donald Trump, I definitely have been feeling like this article encourages me. The spite would probably be suffocating if I actually lived in the United States.

Still, like most of the world, I can only take solace in the fact that group of people will wallow in their own shit for the coming years, especially in the places where support for him was highest. Interesting article, and yes there is x-amount of spite in the voter that votes against his own self interests, but the component that the author does not recognize is the fact that in much of rural America, it is an ingrained BELIEF SYSTEM that dictates behavior.

This is what the right intrinsically understands, and plays to. Subscribe to the comments via RSS Feed. Vanity Fair profiles The eXile: Mark Ames and Yasha Levine Broke the Koch Brothers' Takeover of America. War Nerd Mark Ames Yasha Levine Eileen Jones John Dolan Headlines About Search exiledonline. January 22nd, at 8: Society runs on spite and malice. Now to reread some key passages from Celine. I think it must be something else. Good article, and even better original article.

Sorry eXiled editors, this is my last comment. Ha ha ha ha! Cipolla defines stupid there: So did we do it wrong from the start? That we do not have a capitalist economy. We all know that Possible truth 1 is false. We need a cleansing of blood, and we have most of the guns.

I can just see it: You must protect yourself from mean people by any means necessary. Most Americans are only a generation or two removed from peasantry. Being reminded of my grandfather, chocked full of Irish rage, brings up a question, what does Mr. Oh, stop the presses. Or at least Christian-capitalist nature. Well done, UK morons: The photo of the presumably atheist protester is great. That makes it OK for you. Leave a Comment Open to all.

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