Stockpair reviews of binary options broker

Stockpair reviews of binary options broker

Author: Raslbasia Date: 23.05.2017

Stockpair is a brand of Nextrade Worldwide Ltd, with a registered office at 3, Pythagora Street, Pythagoras Court, 4th Floor, CY Limassol, Cyprus and has a full range of regulations and licenses including a Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission CySEC license No.

The company is also authorised by the British Financial Conduct Authority FCA under Reference Number According to the FCA, the firm is EEA Authorised, meaning that it is regulated in another European Economic Area EEA country but can offer certain products or services in the UK.

We have been monitoring StockPair progress for more then 5 years now, and I think I can say with much confidence — StockPair is NOT a Scam. We have looked into many binary options forums and asked traders about their services.

It appears this company is taking good care of their costumers; everybody seems to be getting paid on time and no serious complaints are have arisen. StockPair is already regulated by CySec and by a large number of other European regulators, including the UK FCA.

The brokerage can be accessed through two domains: Both of them show steady traffic, without sudden spikes. Simple put, StockPair is a different breed of binary options brokers. Unique Trading platforms, highly transparent, very accurate and such a user friendly platform, warm support and great tools.

No wonder Stockpair is my first choice, and preferred broker. Bad news for US traders — due to EU and Cysec Regulation, Stockpair will stop accepting new US based clients. Existing clients are still able to trade with Stockpair.

Once again, US clients are deemed to Search for a new broker. StockPair is considered to be one of kind in the industry. Browsing their website is actually a fun experience, modern and very easy to use.

To prove once again their true-innovator status, StockPair has recently introduced another way of trading binary options: Have you ever struggled deciding what expiry time to use? If yes, then rejoice because StockPair knocked it out of the park by completely eliminating expiry.

KIKO stands for Knock In — Knock Out and it works like this: Besides being a pioneer in the field of technology of binary options, Stockpair has pioneered a new bonus system with no restrictions on withdrawals — a known problem in the industry.

In terms of trading, even fresh beginners can understand how their platform works. In many regards, StockPair trading is easier and less sophisticated then competing binary options platforms. Definitely worth a shot! In my opinion, StockPair Pair Options trading is an alternative trading method to Binary Options.

Traditional binary options trading, on the other hand, provides more great, new ways of generating profits online with more tools and trading options due to its revolutionary technology. StockPair now has them both. So What is Pair trading? Pair Trading is similar to a combination between Forex trading and binary options trading; a trader has to choose between two assets, the goal is to decide which one of these two assets will perform better relatively to other or the same value after a specific expiry time.

There are two kinds of trade possible:. Google is having a great day and the stock price goes higher and higher. Apple one the other hand, is having a slightly weak day, the stock price is going up but slowly and is more or less unstable.

Now, all I have to decide is which asset will perform better in the next XYZ time expiry times range from a few minutes to a few days. The returns are fixed and even for both assets. Yes, pair options are very simple indeed.

Their platform now sports new features, such as analysis from Trading Central they are widely considered the top dog when it comes to technical analysistime frame shifting, economic calendar and candlestick analysis, all available with the click of a mouse button, right on the platform.

While we do our best to keep you in the know, we always advise you to do the homework on any broker you are considering depositing with, just to be on the safe side and ensure you are making the right choice. It seems like traders are satisfied with StockPair service, but it is advised to check again privately, just in case. However, all complaints should be taken with a pinch of salt. For example, someone complained that StockPair charged an inactivity fee which was stipulated in their Terms and Conditions.

Another user complains that StockPair is not regulated in by the Ontario Securities Commission… well, guess what: Some of these entities, including StockPair, agreed to implement remedial actions appropriate to their circumstances.

stockpair reviews of binary options broker

ASIC Media Release MR. The Ontario Securities Commission OSC warned that Nextrade Worldwide Ltd. Stockpair is not authorized to trade securities or to offer investing advice in their jurisdiction.

In the case of withdrawal without fulfilling the wager requirements, all losses will be borne by the original deposit and the remaining balance may be withdrawn. There are also Cashbacks. The are no limits on the withdrawal, which is very important for serious traders. StockPair claims to process the request within 48 hours, then up to 5 working days have to pass until the money is available in your account. The usual methods for withdrawal are available: Credit Cards and wire transfers, as well as e-wallets Neteller, Skrill.

Here is what we thought is different and awesome! The website appearance is crisp, modern and very user friendly. The site, as well as the trading platform, is very clean and elegant. English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, German, Swedish and Dutch. The expiry times are extra awesome, stretching from 60 seconds to a couple of minutes, Intra Day and a few months, for most fixed pair assets; Floating pairs are available within a day, week or a month only.

KIKO Options have NO fixed expiry time! Extra points for the expiry setting system! Deposit is available via C. Withdrawals are generally available via the same methods. There are also monthly cash backs on volume. The required turnover for the bonus is 40 times but your money is NOT tied to the platform so you can withdraw at any time the bonus will be forfeited if you withdraw before the turnover is reached.

A personal favorite of mine is the introduction of KIKO Options, a feature exclusive to StockPair, which gets them the extra points for this category. I agree with your marks, which are goodby the way, also found they are fair market prices correct and process withdthrawals over 1, quickly. I tried 5,6 times in the Stockpair demo mode in AUTO-TRADING in robot mode. I was 5 times be very positive from to and more!!!!! BUT in real mode ,also in Stock-pair AUTO-TRADING also in robot mode I immediately lost all my money.

After that I again tried 3 times in the Stockpair demo mode in AUTO-TRADING in robot mode and I be positive !!!!! I will have to inform all of which need to know about the Stockpair also for possible, future users the Stockpair! I must say this company is very honest and trustworthy,excellent support and help i enjoying trading them.

Thank you for your review, which is pretty accurate. This can make or break a trade. Traded a few and lost most of them. Requested refund of balance and I received the money within 3 days good on them. This is not Options Trading, although it is binary. The short time-frame bets are more like betting on which horse is going to win or lose although past track performance is of no relevance.

The long time-frame options are more appropriate as a speculative investment — like a Forex Pair without the past history for comparison. Just traded first time and gained some good amount of money. After registration, they contact you for a little introduction of the website and can provide further assistance.

Very friendly customer support and very user friendly website. I am totally new to the trading platform. I am in a lot of debt already adn need money very very badly to live and sustain with my kids.

Only play with monwy you can loose. Hi I want to try StockPair But i need to know What are the minimum and maximum trade amounts for a single option?

I am think to join the stockpair but need some advice as I am totally new in the field. Can you please write me you email or send me an email to salman. In live time I was clearly in the money. However, while watching my closing position it appeared to be out of the money.

How could live-time be wrong? I will be checking all of my losing positions against live time. This has made a skeptic out of me. I am trading with Bollinger Bands and signalslike epecially the ability to choose expiry timeand the accuracy of market rates. Anyone know how to activate demo mode at Stockpair? I have made deposits totalling USD over the month or so I have had an account there.

I wish they enabled early closure for options expiring less than 1 hour as well. Other than that the platform is really amazing. I started out using StockPair strategies that I found on You Tube and sure enough, I failed. Definitely not a recommended site. I am having an issue with stockpair. Will let you all know about my next experiences, for now is weekend. Please let us know since I am a financial trader as well.

Sadly enough they are allowed to do that since they are doing business with us. Nothing wrong with those terms and conditions. Really who writes these reviews? Stockpair staff seemingly… 4 days and counting for simple account authentication. All this to authenticate an account to enable withdrawls — 4 DAYS Tax implications of exercising call options COUNTING. NO CONTACT, NO RESPONSE.

Like yourself, I was how to buy motilal oswal most shares nasdaq 100 etf bit skeptical about their withdrawal procedure.

The transaction was clean. No extra phone calls. So hopefully that answered your question Jose. Feel free to ask any more questions about Stockpair. I NEITHER WORK FOR STOCKPAIR NOR MADE ANY MONEY WITH THEM.

StockPair Review Binary Options Broker TradeReact 20150611

AGAIN I DO NOT WORK FOR THEM! They are not at all such a thing. Hello, I have some question, hope someone can answer Thank a lot! Do I need to authentication my account by ID, adress, photo… in order to deposit and withdraw money?



I am new with Binary. However, I am interested to open account with Stock Pair. Please, give me some feed back about this company! And they kept their promise.

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After submitting my 3 documents for withdrawal approval, I received my money in my account after nadex forex binary options business days. YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR MONEY WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS IF YOU USED SKRILL HOWEVER Black and scholes option pricing model formula YOU USED YOUR CREDIT CARD IT MAY TAKE 5 BUSINESS DAYS.


Information is correct indeed — Stockpair will stop accepting US clients due to regulation in EU. Skrill is an e-payment method, very common in the US. I am also confused somewhat by this latest review of Stockpair. You used to show US traders accepted, now you do not. I opened an account with them a few weeks back based on your good reviews here.

I am in the US. US based traders who already have an account hedging a forex position Stockpair would be able to keep trading with them. However the company will stop accepting new US traders due to EU regulation. I talked to the Stockpair support today. Any US traders who made an account with Stockpair before the change will be allowed to continue to trade, deposit and withdraw as normal.

Not really up there with the rest of the market because of this and too unreliable. My experience with them is pathetic. I have had a discrepancy with them in regards to the information that you get in your open and closed positions window is not the same as the information in the initial trading history.

I Chart pattern forex pdf MY ACCOUNT THIS WAY! Have I received the correct information I would not have hurt my account as I did.

DID I REPORT THIS TO THEM? Stockpair reviews of binary options broker DID I HAVE ANY RESPONSE FROM THEM? The expiry for your position will be at You asked for a withdraw today! Or please suggest any binary option which is really work. This is my personal opinion on Binary Option Brokers after surveying the different brokers and reviews extensively for a month.

You may want to do your own research too to validate my claims. Based on what I saw from the video you uploaded you did cashed out big, and the rest is history.

But why does Binaryoptions. YouTube Michael Freeman promotes a hugh range of binary options brokers and uses Anyoption. But why does Michael Freeman never had problems with Anyoption when people are facing withdrawal issues with them? The other video on your YouTube channel, posted at the same time, appears to recommend them as a good broker. I read all the reviews as I am interested to start trading but very sceptical about all these platforms and the reviews.

Thanks any help will be welcome. SInce you found this site earlier,did you tried trading using Stockpair? I created a gold account a couple months ago. So im very happy with this broker and would recommend them to others. Their Trading Platform seems VERY BASIC with NO MACDS,CANDLES or BOLLINGER BANDS.

Would appreciate any comments. It is the best short strategy to binary options 60 sec have ever seen since i start my interest about binary options. She said because the people with demo account use it without any study and strategy, and they loose demo money. So she said it is better to use real account since the start so the people have to have the knowledge and do them better… What do you think?

Is anyone from Viet Nam who trading on this system? Please email me at: Thanks in advance my Vietnamese. Stockpair is a huge scam!!! I call them and they lie to me all the time. Joshua, can you help us when did you made your deposit because from 10 July to 29 July 6 weeks is not yet over, please help me on this to help me make up my mind before I commit what I have.

I trade with the BSB guys blueskybinary. They all recommend Goptions or stock pair. I use the former. I started to trade with SP live this week and I am very impressed by the pairs-option. Really interesting and, until now, successful. I Have a few questions about STOCKPAIR: I will quit from BOs, but nevertheless I want to mention, that I was very satisfied by Stock Pairs.

After some bad experience with BDB late night callsI changed to SP. Very friendly and good support. Then I decided to change to Forex and quit BO. Really good broker, very trustable. My 2 accounts at Stockpair. In their email, they said they will transfer all balance to my very first account. Stockpair has got a good reviews. I have screenshots of my trading. I hope you have to take every screenshots for every tradings for every brokers. Where does the money come from when the trade is won, where to buy stocks pound cake it a call or a put, if it is not from the company?

It is easy to know who is paying who when the trade is a loss. So, is it not in the interest of the company to make sure that whoever trade loses? I have been with stock pair for 5 months now and i must say im impressed my account manager Larry and i were able to make a plan and consist to making my future happen i am greatful for good workman ship. Stockpair will get you to open a http: Only your principal investment sum goes back to your credit card.

I am from South Africa and I am wondering stockpair reviews of binary options broker will happen if I work in dollars and withdraw in dollars, will I have to pay exchange rates or would it covert automatically and go into my South African bank?? The software does that conversion and based on your banking institution, however, whichever currency status your money is, no cause for alarm it would be automatically be deducted to the equivalence.

They are not a crooked businessthe payment is done automatically via their systemunless you specify them the mean of payment you wish them to pay you ,there is nothing you can do ; but surely they dont steal money from traders and you will get your money.

Is StockPair a Scam ? Read StockPair Review Very Carefully!

I hope and aspire for the best from them, but so far they seem promising. Emmanuel a re a SA? If yes plz just give me a shout I need your help coz it seems as if indeed you re using stockpair as ur broker.

As of Dec 20t, … all exsiting American stockpair traders will no longer be able trade with Stockpair. Jade, I also got one of those e-mails, it is a sad day. Accurate pricing, good withdraws and great custom service. I am not sure where to go, Boss option? CT option or Empire option seem to be the only recommend brokers. Ct seems to have a lot of restrictions? Any trade on these? Steve I have been leary about trading with any binary options that is not regulated so I signed up with Nadex.

They seem pretty good just learning how to use mt4 platform. Reply from STockPair to my email… The minimum amount to open a trade is It then goes up straight to 20 with no options in between, meaning you cannot open a trade for 13, 14, 15,16,17,18, or The highest amount on 60 and 90 second trades is For all other trades, the maximum amount is defined by your account type.

I feel a bit strange about Stockpair. Well, there is a stockpair. Is it the same? However, the difference with the two stockpairs is their Terms of Agreement, and ALSO the fact that only stockpair. I am fairly satisfied with this broker. So what is the most amount of money someone has managed to withdraw from Stockpair.

Can anybody tell me how to CLOSE my account with Stockpair? Stockpair has been very good to me, trading there 2 years. Most important is the accuracy of the platform and not playing games its their own platform, not spotand great customer service, no withdrawal holding… they are regulatedso you need to submit docs, worth the effort if you are serious. Can anyone tell me what is their minimum trade position? Can anyone also recommend me any reliable or regulated broker that offers low minimum trade position?

But withdrawal process is quick and no one asking why. I made deposited twice and withdrawal no hassle. I am customer for 24option for more than 2 years now.

Actually, I did not receive any help in trading my account was Standard. Are you actually trading with stockpair? If yes can I put my money in? Please tell me about your experience. I want to read comments of people with experience using the programm.

What a fucking joke. Then they provide that strategy to follow the sentiment and increase the value of the trade if the previous one was lost. Did that 3 times in a row until I lost all the bankroll i had. Some of these trades were in the money until the last minutes when the graph went mental in the other direction. Do not fall into the trap of these scumbags, all they want to do is sweet talk you into something and take your fucking money. I am so disgusted,but after all is my mistake for trusting these fucking knobheads.

I find Stockpair to be a great site, friendly staff, quick withdrawals to my debitcard. Do you train or teach how to? What do you mean by trading the bounce? What sort of price action are you looking for on a 60 sec chart because that is very quick to trade. Trading the bounce on a 1 min chart is not easy. What sort of price action do you look for on a 1 min chart and do you use support and resistance?

The disappointing thing about Stockpair is the fact that a ATM trade is treated as OTM, you forgot to mention athat and I am surprised the due diligence that you guys do!! For the MODERATOR specifically: I live in Canada and have traded live with StockPair with 1 min XAUUSD BOs.

I was using a strategy I came across on a BO information site that also had great things to say about StockPair. I was somewhat successful but finally stopped trading with StockPair because of the frustration level at having my trades not filled, over and over.

But still, at least half my trades were being rejected. Then I read THIS article and ended my account: This company stockpair and others having turnovers of a few million dollars.

If something good happens, you tell 3 people. Then again, I would trust only myself with my money, so do what you think it best for you. I have proven it and encourage all to do this as well if you suspect you are targeted by opening one window with the home screen showing the price for say a 15 min expiry and then one for the 60 sec options I am trading.

The price will be the same. Yet 3 times across 3 companies when I am risking a large portion of my account they will manipulate the price significantly on the 60 sec where my trade is. This is my main concern with all BO brokers. I believe they make all there money when we lose so I think anyone that gets on there radar will be stopped. Maybe we could have a thread asking for people to post if they have long term consistent withdrawals to better explore this issue?

Watch this video and you will understand why. The name of the video is…how do you know if your binary broker is messing with you by julian wong. This video is on youtube.

You are probably a good trader and they want to trip you up. They want you to leave. Undeniably the best broker. Unfortunately I think they do have a communication breakdown within their departments.

I initially registered with them using another email address. That earlier email address was compromised along with my credit card so I had to change to a new email. Although they had approved my verification for my earlier account with them, I was asked to verify again.

However this time around, they told me that they could not accept my internet billing as prove of verification. Why was it possible with my earlier email but not now? They kept insisting on my power or water bills. My utility bill is also under my landlords name, I send them my rental contract and they excepted that.

I joined stockpair in a moment of desperation when I was laid up from major lung surgery.

stockpair reviews of binary options broker

I did not do anything for the last year, primarily because of my health and financial situation. In fact I forgot about it! I say I chatted 3 times because every time I asked if anything can be done to help me out she would freeze me out of the chat. I think their rating is over blown and would be interested in REAL opinions of this shady company who takes advantage of seniors and desperate people!

Their forex pair values may be off by pips but move in EXACT tandem with original forex data,so it will never be an issue in any loss or profit situation. Making money is always hard but their withdrawal process is almost easier than going to the banking machine and very quick live chat costumer service. Stockpair is one of the best binary brokers together with 24options…. I note the three currencies in which one can have an account, however being from in Australia that leaves me exposed to fluctuations in AUD.

How ca this be mitigated? I just got my Euro I am trading with Stockpair for 14 months now, very accurate and transparent platform and service. Initially signed up with Stockpair but made no deposit of funds as of yet. Reading the review I checked with the British FCA website, typing in the name StockPair in their company search, they did not have Stockpair in their registration!!

StockPair is a brand of Nextrade Worldwide Ltd. Nextrade WW is registered with the FCA. Not sure I understand why so many brokers, that are regulated in Europe and therefore cannot serve the US, still insist on trading in dollars. Surely Euros would make their European audience feel more at home? Keep up the excellent work. For withdrawals, if we funded our account using our Debit Card, would we be able to make subsequent withdrawals to our Debit Card after our withdrawal in deposit is already offset?

I read there reviews everything seem too nice so I joined and ask about their demo account they told me you need make a deposit first then I asked them about sending a wire transfer they sent all the information about them your name or id or account is no where on the wire transfer letter??? So I asked myself if they care so much about their clients and business maybe put some thought in that. They are currently trying to change how they work in order to accept users from all Countries.

Depend on what you are looking for, but Stockpair is more reliable as regard to rates and withdrawals. Maybe a great binary options broker well they did return my withdrawabut their brokers need to know when to listen to their customers rather than making the customers listen to them — No I did not want to put half my life savings into my account!

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