How to make money with tailoring wow cata fastest way

How to make money with tailoring wow cata fastest way

Author: Ilya N Shikhov Date: 27.05.2017

The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Comments Comment by LordVarbaro So no alchemy requirements? Comment by GregSD It almost seems that way.

This looks VERY interesting. A new way for us Alchemists to make money, if they dont add an alch requirement. D Espically with flying in Azeroth. Comment by Kuzo unfortunately this will not be a way for alchemists to make money because the latest update in the pattern shows its BoP, but it does not show a need of any alch lvl to use it Comment by fenoglio I'm kinda hoping this will be the alchemy version of mechano hog, I will pay THOUSANDS for this potion!

Maybe just level alchemy: On a further note, it sounds very likely that this "mount" does not actually transform you, but is a normal drake, which hides your character model though.

Yes, that means you will be dismounted "unshifted" when you attempt to pick herbs. I may be wrong there, but it just sounds very likely. Comment by McRaider That it doesn't yet say it requires Alchemy doesn't mean a thing. Comment by Lieandra I hope. And I'm being an insincere smuck about this: I HOPE this is an Alchemy ONLY item. That only Alchys' can use. Because this is going to be awesome. Change into a dragon and fly away. Hope it has all the emotes of dragons.

I think I just creamed my inner pants. Comment by ragedaug Obviously speculation on my part, but I would not be surprised at all if this turns out to be Cataclysm's version of the Mechano-hog.

I realize it says "BoP" now, and would guess that has to do with Beta being unfinished, etc, and we'll see it changed to either BoE or BoA. Comment by CmdrAdeon It depends on what Item turns out to be. All of the other items listed in the ingredients are available through Alchemy so can be farmed.

The Mechano-Hog was intended as a gold sink and so several of it's ingredients had to be purchased from vendors. If does become BoE and the equivalent then I would expect the missing ingredient to be a gold sink. Personally though I'm betting on it being a profession specific mount like the Carpets and Roflcopters. Comment by Darksage I think because of the uniqueness of this item it should be a Alchimist only item with a required skill level of or Not just saying this cause I'm a alchimist, but because it just wouldn't feel right to see, for example, a group of people in Elwynn Forest just drink a potion turn into this, hopefully, ultra uber looking dragon and fly off.

Plus agreeing with CmdrAdeon I also feal it should be a Profession specific mount. Comment by Nulgar True McRaider, but we're also talking about whether someone can still use the mount after they unlearned Alchemy, which is not the case for the current Tailoring and Engineering mounts.

I expect the tooltip to clarify this soon, before Cata is released. Second, McRaider quoted my post, so he was at least referring to me in part.

The point is though, it's still Betaeven though the game appears to be finished in many parts. Speculation is ok, but stating "it must be like that when it goes live because it said so on the item tooltip in the Beta! Comment by 1nsd I can imagine how sick this will be for druid. Comment by Orthis BLIZZARD! Y U NO PUT THIS IN GAME NAO?

Comment by Quilan Ok, this, next to the Goblin BBQ is by far, the coolest item in-game, I think I might actually give up engineering and mining for Alchemy and herbalism for this, screw you roflcopters, I'm gonna be a rofldragon! Comment by SauronBR http: Comment by Nerxedion Raw Materials 8 Albino Cavefish 1 Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial Volatile Air 60 Pyrium Bar 16 Crystal Vial Volatile Life Whiptail 64 Cinderbloom 64 Azshara's Veil 8?

Comment by Kreais I can't wait for this item, honestly. I got a little bit excited when I first heard about and then I saw the dragon model and was like hell yeah! Comment by Thedeathdude so essentially, you're allowing a friend to mount you? Comment by DiseasedArmChair I'm of the opinion that this should stay an Alchemist only mount, and they are able to make a temporary potion for non-alchemists.

Fizzy Lifting Drink Use: Allows the user to fly until canceled. Comment by nikbos And will probably start selling for k. Comment by Bingbon Right, because they couldn't easily implement this item as a fully functional mount that just has a player flying with the same limitations as a regular mount. On Topic, I think the flavor text is a little too out of place in WoW, perhaps maybe "I'm a bird! Comment by Hypermarth This reminds me of a certain character select screen Comment by jacob this is amazing Comment by Keelerak It depends on what Item turns out to be.

Comment by Mageonius deepstone oil item level 81 use: Comment by shipwrecksos And how do you combine all of those ingredients? By rubbing your hands together in a circular motion for 10 seconds. This is my most up to date list of requirements for the Vial of the SandsThis alchemy vial teaches your character to be able to morph into a Sandstone Drake - a fast mount capable of carrying one passenger.

First thing is you need Alchemy although its not required to loot the recipe from the Canopic jar. Vial of the Sands is obtained through Archeology. It is contained in the Tol'Vir Common artifact Canopic Jar.

You will need Archeology to find Tol'Vir artifacts and they are found in Uldum only. The Sand and Pyrium Laced Vial are purchased from a Vendor named Yasmin in Uldum. She is located at the top left corner of the "T" shaped lake in the North West of Uldum.

Comment by UrzaPlnzwlkr I'm only allowing female belfs as my rider Comment by steelpony Nathanyel, you might want to read through the entire section McRaider was replying to a post earlier on that said the following: It almost seems that way. Comment by Shageki I'm curious as to whether or not you'll be able to gather herbs while in dragon form.

Comment by GrregPaxxton Dear Blizzard, for the love of god please make this mount Bind on use! Comment by Vergilius Dont you mean you only want to ride female belfs? Comment by eclipsed if i understood correct this can be learned from alchemy discovery from transmuting other things.

Comment by sajuuk17 Pyrium-laced Crystalline vial sold 4. Comment by Cian still kinda important. Comment by Sixpac Ok, and where do you buy the recipe? Comment by McRaider So the deal as we know it atm is, that yes, you can unlearn alchemy after getting the mount to learn some other prof, but the recipe appears to be learned through discovery and is very, very rare.

You might have to be an alchemist for like a year before you get lucky. Comment by shinazueli If they didn't make the choppa BOP what makes you think this will be. It's even in the same format as vendor mats that prices will never go down that much. The only question at this point is what the name of the achievement is going to be. Comment by mercutiouk Materials wise, i'd expect the sands to be lootable by alchemists from a boss in an instance.

Blizz have a lot of their "systems" for loot, badges, rep etc etc all nicely set and following on from wrath. This IS likely to be the mount-sink in cata like the hog in wrath. Comment by Enokaz Thanks BagraEtch. I will keep this list updated as they change or update materials and costs. Comment by Enokaz And may I add, in regards to this being compared to the Chopper, that this will be be more intensely awesome. And flying will be available almost everywhere come Cataclysm.

Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outlands and Northrend. And new areas Park yourself in a main city, maybe with a Thunderbrew's Hard Ale or other size increasing consumable Comment by Viktorr You aren't too familiar with the concept. Heard of cowboy or reverse cowboy? The female rides the male. Comment by WintersLegion This could actually have a pretty neat quest line to go along with it where an alchemy trainer asks you to try out his new potion he made and when you do you turn into the drake but are stuck as it and have to go to Wyrmrest to see the Dragons there and they each give you a quest to get an item that helps make the antidote after the end of the quest chain you get the fixed recipe that allows you to turn into the drake and back at will.

Comment by Aestu That it doesn't yet say it requires Alchemy doesn't mean a thing. Comment by RoboNoob This will be my second taxi flying mount. Comment by spike guys i played the beta and believe it or not its gonna cost atleast 2 times as much as the chopper did when it first came out its not worth it inless u have that kind of money lol. Comment by Hoticehunter I actually want this to be boe so that I can sell it for huge profit.

Comment by Hassulhooff The sand would be 24k. Comment by Vanderez Tooltip as of Requires Riding Use: Teaches you how to transform into a dragon, allowing you to fly very fast and carry an ally on your back.

Anyone else wondering about the wording in the above? From what I understand from the text, it would mean that you can use it at riding skill slow flying mount skillgain fast flying skill AND the ability to transform into a dragon. Or maybe it is just Blizzard slacking on the wording in the tooltips again.

Wouldn't be the first time Comment by Dragonclaw Let's see, I can't afford to get my engineer the motorcycle. Hope this isn't another way to damn expensive mount. My alchemy has pretty much sucked for usefulness or gold-earning when you compare it to other professions, so I hope this thing is not too out of reach for us poor players. Comment by AngusMacBeer Are you kidding? Transmutation Mastery is just about the most profitable profession you can have in the game.

I've made hundreds of thousands in gold off transmutes. Comment by Tormendead I am curious about one thing. Although engineer's choppers are quite expensive they can sell the mounts for gold, therefore making money back on it.

I can't see Blizz making this mount so hard and expensive to make for just one time. Real price is 3k for the sands, 5k for the vial. Comment by Crabby Instead of Alchemy, this should be the new druid flight form Comment by Sukauto See, I can see why I want it BoE. Easy money, but then again.

We get to turn into a frickin dragon. That's awesome, and I for one want to keep it to myself for the fact that it'll be sooo uncommon.

Recipe: Vial of the Sands - Item - World of Warcraft

Comment by Kosume Instead of Alchemy, this should be the new druid flight form Comment by gobucks the Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial costs 5k. Comment by whosurdady "GrregPaxxton Dear Blizzard, for the love of god please make this mount Bind on use!

Ricetta: Fiala delle Sabbie - Oggetto - World of Warcraft

Comment by Slunko I was gonna roll an alchemist cose of this mount, but now that ive seen the 30k gold cost I dont think i will: Comment by Brady18 hopes skyrocketed for i just got my alch to ,then i saw the vial price and the over all amount of gold required and my hopes are lower then ever before,effing game revolves around gold,and unless u have alot of time to manipulate the AH know what to farm your always poor,pisses me off sorry bout the rant.

Comment by MrsSwordman5k2U This one thing above all others make me so happy that not only is my main a Druid, but that she is also an Alchemist. Can you say, WOOT! Forget that noisy hog ride, forget that big Eleck with it's noisy demanding passengers My husband is going to be so jealous when he finds out. Until he also realizes Hey honey, I'll help you get that 30K gold together Comment by Theorw It will be far easier if u have alts that have other professions.

Like my pally BS,i am really looking into crafting some epic shields etc so i can help the 30k gold gathering. It wont be that hard Comment by ExperimentX4d2 I can see a LOTTA Druids using this… Scenario!

Hey dude, can I get a flight to STV? Ugh… sure… hop on. Noob gets on sand dragon… Sand dragon flies rly high… Flight form… Noob: Comment by Psycobean So when this items is used does the vial go into your mount selection?

I completely figure that Blizzard would not make this take up an inventory space, but I'm curious what exactly happens when it's used. Comment by Celd Now I'll have a legit excuse to tell a person in WoW to "ride me. Comment by OutlanderEngine The most important question: Can you gather herbs while transformed, like a druids flight form?

Comment by chaendaer Maybe the recipe drops from Tiny Treasure Chest which you get from killing mobs while under the effect of Potion of Treasure Finding. And it only drops for Alchemists at Im only speculating and im sure it has been said before. Comment by ritto So will this be reusable, kinda like the chopper? AFK on bank steps mount if so. Comment by axonaxoff Alchemists Comment by JustinGN Confirmed in Live Cataclysm Build: Sands of Time is G from Yasmin Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial is G from Yasmin Without any discounts, the total cost of mats is G.

Yes, awesome mounts like this should require a steep entry cost. However, many people are drawing comparisons of this and the Mechano-Hog, and justifying the added 10,K cost since this can fly. You're all a bunch of blithering idiots. The Mechano-Hog can be resold to other players, resulting in a decent return on investment if you acquire the mats needed at good prices. The Vial of the Sands CANNOT be traded, sold on the Auction House, or used with other characters.

It also requires a minimum alchemy skill level to learn, not to mention the time and investment needed to get Alchemy that high, all on top of the extra potions and flasks the average player may have to craft in order to even learn the recipe in the first place. If you want to draw comparisons between profession mounts, take a look at the following: Flying Machine - 3.

All other mats can be farmed. Can be Sold, but requires minimum Engineering Skill of Turbo-Charged Flying Machine - G Requires 1xHula Girl Doll, which costs G before Lower City discount if still applicable.

Can be Sold on AH. Flying Carpet - 0G All mats can be farmed. Magnificent Flying Carpet - 0G All mats can be farmed. Frosty Flying Carpet - 0G All mats can be farmed.

Vial of the Sands - G Requires 8xSands of Time for G, 1xPyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial for G Carries One Passenger. Of the professions that get mounts, it seems Alchemists get screwed yet again.

This is a very impressive mount, no doubt about that - and if I had to pay, say to G and keep the mount BOP, I could swallow that. But twice the price, plus necessary research, plus unfarmable mats for the profession Truegold?

Someone was clearly off their proverbial rocker when they priced out this bloody thing. For this price, I would recommend the mount be BOE, but that's an afront to the dedicated Alchemists who have sat by with 24 hour Xmute cooldowns our main businessspecialties that proc in the half percentage range, an initial launch and subsequent expansion that saw us largely irrelevant compared to other, far more lucrative professions Burning Crusade and Lotus nodes that seemingly drop once in a blue moon for those of us with horrid RNG luck.

Drop the prices, or put a faction on this NPC, please. Comment by Theorw Anyone knows where the vendors for the mats are? I almost have half the money already: Comment by sieurvaa Ok guys, seems that we're gonna dig a lot: Comment by MetalGenocide To be honest, until someone actually loots it, I am going to remain skeptical of what a GM says.

That have been known to give incorrect information before. As stated in several places now, it does indeed drop from Archeology. My point about GM info still stands though: Comment by sslaziodk Hey guys I have a question about this awesome drake: Has anyone been able to find any info on whether this mount is usable if you abandon Alchemy? It doesn't say anywhere that it requires alchemy so I am guessing it's possible it still works?

I am guessing that using the item will put the sandstone drake spell in the mounts tab? Please don't mark this post down, this question is something us mount collectors are wondering about.

Comment by Nulgar I rate you down anyway, it has been asked before, and if someone knew, they would post it here. I'd say we'll have to wait some weeks before someone with Alchemy drops it for some FotM profession and then finds out whether this mount still works or not. Comment by Harmin Just crafted this baby 20mins ago on Ragnaros, Eu.

Cost me my roughly 65k gold because rushing to get it, should be cheaper if you craft your own Truegold Bars. Also the mounting seems to be bugged, passenger sits between the front claws. Too bad you cant drop them from the sky cause they get parachutes. Comment by Cyprux Harmin, can you use this mount in battlegrounds like the RAF rocket? Comment by neocloud61 Honestly, I think Alchemists are getting a little ripped off. Engineering gets unique looking ground and air mounts.

Tailoring gets flying carpets. Very cool concept, but the model is very disappointing. Not because of the looks. It's just the fact that it shares the same model as the other stone drakes in Cataclysm. For such an expensive mount that is going to take a LOT of gold, time, and effort to acquire, I think alchemists deserve a unique model.

Every other profession that produces mounts gets a completely unique model. Comment by downeyb awww, i am druid and really wanted to take noobs for rides and pop into flight form so i could watch them fall to their deaths Comment by t2teddy No you don't get it. The RECIPE is obtained from Archeology. The recipe is BoP I opened the jar expecting the recipe to be in there, and it wasn't.

Comment by tangless Got the pattern today, will be able to craft before the end of the week. Comment by nmikesell It's BoP so you can buy it, however i found the vendor that sell the sands of time and the vials Also the vial is 5kg Comment by shivaru Have drop to me today the recipe from the jar after reach arch, have been my first solve of Tolvir, have burn 50k gold to make http: Comment by CJTheInvader Ironic, Being a druid that uses flight form to kill those of your own faction makes YOU the noob.

So would you be killing yourself with this? Anyway, I can't wait to get this! Just imagine how fun it would be to carry a low level friend. And hope you don't miss terribly and accidentally throw them into the oc-hey! DONT GET IDEAS FROM THIS!

The parachute can still be used to put people in bad situations, Such as: Throwing them into mount hyjal when there like, Level Feeding them to whaleshark: Sending them to gnaw on mr. Comment by Nyzern it is 36 pyrium bars. Comment by Jinjiro I wish it was BoE I don't want to spend thousands to level alchemy then 29, for the vendor mats.

And like you druids who want to drop people and fly away I could just bubble: Comment by imeowatdogsirl I just spoke with a GM about this. First of all, you do not need to be an alchemist to discover the pattern. Second of all, if you drop alchemy, you keep the drake. Comment by doozer On the bright side if you're out ganking with a buddy your opponents are going to crap their pants as your buddies mount turns into another character.

Comment by Lucero I've been an xmute master for 3 years and not seen any serious kind of profit-making from it. My procs suck, much like the previous poster describes, and good luck getting anyone to buy your cooldown for a reasonable price.

There's always someone willing to sell their's for 20 gold. I've long dreamed of a Teamsters Union where all alchemists on a server agree on a set price, but it'll never happen. I had an offer of g for my xmute in Cata hadn't learned the xmute he wanted yetbut once it's commonly known, it'll be right back down to 20gold.

To tie my post back into the mount thread we're posting on, I will not be making the gold for this mount through alchemy. No way in hell. Comment by djabitforwow Got this today on Zul'jin. Also Realm First Herblist and Alchemist on the server. Comment by barda24 Dude, I am SO rerolling my profession RIGHT NOW!

Comment by itent I learned this today. The mount is not listed as BOP anymore! It was hotfixed dec. Now I should think of a catchy sale line. Goblin racial will give you a discount on the vendor materials and the materials also seem to be tradable. So get a goblin to buy them for you if you are horde. Comment by itent Yay for moderators deleting valuable posts with facts. The mount does not seem to be bind on pickup, check the ingame link.

Comment by Uponatime I sure miss those days. I was my servers first to complete the swift flight form q line. I remember spending a whole day doing my aqua form q. Comment by Dalemaunder As of 4. You can expect these to be sold at VERY high prices.

Comment by benedice from the hotfixes list posted by blizzard on dec. The Alchemy mount Vial of the Sands is no longer Bind-on-Pickup. Comment by nensec This has just been hotfixed to no longer be BoP. It can now be sold. Comment by kavselj Confirmed in patch notes today that mount indeed is no longer BoP.

RESPBREAK 8 DELIM Gryphon DELIM. Comment by SuBw00FeR With the latest patch update that was 8mb Blizzard has now changed it so that you are able to sell the mount. Professions The Alchemy mount Vial of the Sands is no longer Bind-on-Pickup.

Comment by Xenopredator As far as I can see, this is by far the most epic mount in cataclysm. While the others might be cool, this is just You not only need to have an absolutely colossal amount of capital, but either the time or money to collect all the other ingredients See you guys in six months: Comment by sicadastra Rumor has it that this is now BoE, can anyone confirm?

Comment by Cloudburst In a list of Dec. Comment by Saethori After seeing someone try to sell this mount on Trade for a price triple its mats, no lessit made me seriously rethink all the work I've been putting in on farming Archaeology on my alchemist.

Before, when it was Bind on Pickup, it was the kind of mount an alchemist could use as a symbol of station. You work incredibly hard to obtain the recipe, you work incredibly hard to earn the gold to afford the materials, and you use so many of your transmutation cooldowns to get the Truegold you require.

And the reward was personal, it was unique, and it was worth it. Now that it's freely tradeable, it's not a sign of how hard you worked. It's not a sign of the effort you put into it. Now, it's merely a novelty mount that carries about as much prestige as the Celestial Steed or Mechano-hog does; which is to say, not much at all.

In many circles, even having a mount that costs large quantities of gold gets you accused of gold-buying, and that's never something you can shake off.

It's gone from a one-of-a-kind item that made people think "Wow, I'm glad I'm an alchemist" when it was revealed, down to "yet another goldsink for a novelty item". Comment by TheShamzz The X rocket doesn't have a parachute. Comment by sanamagan As of the latest hotfix, this is now BoE. Start grinding gold, everyone.

Comment by Powersbehold You are missing the mats to the Pyrite Bar. Comment by sunsmoon This mount is no longer BOP, so skilling up Alchemy with the intent to drop it is no longer required. Comment by Deasha This mount is what I call the new 'chopper'. Comment by Malediction Good news, everybody! This item is no longer Bind-on-Pickup as of today! Now we may all mount our friends as the Good Lord intended. Comment by timbaLt This item is no longer BoP.

Comment by hilary I'm pretty sure this has the cost and lack of prerequisites that it does simply because RP'ers will farm the living daylights out of it.

It's an important distinction to note that you don't just get a dragon, you turn into a dragon. Comment by imjc This is from todays patch notes: Comment by Broshir Newest Patch Hot-Fix The Alchemy mount Vial of the Sands is no longer Bind-on-Pickup.!

Comment by thal For those of you still wondering about this all it is the new Mekgineer's Chopper that flies. Comment by LoqueNahak I may add that -unfortunately- the model is exactly the same as any other dragon-mount from Cataclysm yellow color-scheme. I wish it was more unique, much like the flying carpet for tailors, for example.

Comment by KingTaft I just submitted a SS verifying this. Comment by Instaq According to the blueposts and the update dec Comment by xavs As of December 14ththis mount is no longer BoP. It may seem expensive to alchemists, but imagine the profit you can now make off of selling one at the auction house. You could probably sell for double the cost of the cost of the materials, at least. It's the Mechano-hog of Cataclysm. Comment by Volpe39 MMO Champion today reported that Vial of the Sands is no longer bop!

I think that the most rich alchemists are going to sell it for 35k or more! Comment by tytucke Well if you thought the mats for this were expensive before wait till after this hotfix that is being deployed today!

I bring you excellent news Azeroth! Professions The respawn rates for all Horde and Alliance Cooking daily quest objectives in Orgrimmar and Stormwind have been increased.

Corpses which have already been skinned should no longer sometimes remain, making players think they can still be skinned -- players who are then left saddened by false hopes. Now everyone can get it not just Alchemest rejoice and pay out the wazzooo for it now!

Comment by Mibopo Just wondering, is this usable in BGs? Figured id ask since some mounts like rocket and engineers heli can be used in bgs. Comment by Kwitch Patch Notes as of December 15th hotfix: Comment by nuubskilled Pew, BoE Comment by Fujiama As of today, the 15th novemberthis mount is no longer Bind on Pick-Up.

You can now make this mount and sell it. Comment by itent Still people say its 29k for vendor materials. This is true for alliance. Comment by Yorker I'm wary of the controls of this mount.

If it works like some of the mammoths in Wrath, I'll avoid it. If it works like any other standard mount, then I'll start saving up money to get it. In other words, vehicles bad, mounts good. Comment by ares i am still looking for this recipe Comment by UgotBeEf Goblin racial does not affect the price of these vendor items, but guild perks do.

Comment by UgotBeEf The recipe is looted through arch. Comment by 2OfDiamonds Cataclysm Hotfixes - Updated 14 Dec. Comment by regma Nice. Maybe this time I can make some money. Comment by Kiingy I've been told there's a 7 day cooldown on creating this mount. Like the transmutes 1 day cooldown Does anyone know if this is true?

Comment by Palafied I think that a "Thats what she said" would be more fitting but whatever, its still funny. Comment by Malediction A little money saving trick: If you want to save 5, gold making this mount, all you need to do is make a Goblin alt, transfer 23,g to it, and summon it to Yasmin in Uldum.

This trick works best for the Horde. If you are a very determined Alliance member, you may get a very trusted Horde friend or any Horde character on another account to place an auction on a Neutral AH for a buyout price of 26, gold to make up for the AH cut and then buy it out with your Alliance main.

Then you or that friend must take the gold from the auction as a Goblin to Yasmin, buy the materials, then put them back on the neutral AH and quickly buy them out on your main. This method would take about two hours longer as an Alliance member and would only save you about 2, gold; therefore, it might not be worth your time or effort.

Comment by Toxsis I suppose it was somewhat unfair to give one profession such a cool and unique mount, but this change still sucks as an alchemist. I've been saving truegold bars, transmuted from mats farmed myself since day 2. I did this in order to save the gold necessary to buy the vendor mats later on for this mount. I was very much looking forward to having a somewhat rare and unique mount from all my hard work. Maybe I wanted it for the wrong reasons - but IMO much of the fun in this game is obtaining unique items that not everyone can get.

Now any fool who buys gold can just spam trade chat "LF someone 2 craft sandspire dragon mount potion! On some level, I thought this change was coming. Comment by marachan i just noticed the passenger sits under its claws, i think it might be bugged.

Comment by ledbullet so do i need to have max alchemy and max archaeology to discover the recipe for this mount? The Vial ITSELF is BoE. This is the most up-to-date information I could find, most of which can be found in related pages.

Just thought I'd put it all together. Talk to the quest giver of your current mastery and earning money on helium a g fee. Then talk to the quest giver of the next mastery and instantly get the new one. Transmute Master - Zarevhi, in Stormspire in Netherstorm. Elixir Master - Lorokeem, in Shattrath City. Transmute Living Elements binary options richard also affected by this bonus and depending on where you are can have predictable outcomes, excluding the bonus itself.

Goblins this means you too. I have not been able to find any reliable info on that though. Comment by Tyrannotaur Actually, since Yasmin does not have a faction associated with her, the Goblin racial does NOT work.

Apparently "Best Deals Anywhere" only applies to NPCs that can give a faction discount in the first place. Comment by mythrix do you have to be how to make money with tailoring wow cata fastest way alchemist to learn this mount? Comment by Guanyin Read the comments. Comment by Tuskon Can confirm that it DOES give a discount to goblins on the items you have to buy from the vendor.

Comment by Ajial Got it crafted for the 48kg mats and sold for 80k: Nice profit, it's easy to sell many people with loads of money don't bother to look what the mats actually costs. Comment by lightgate I'm very confused and would like a clean answer. The Vial of Sands itself only says the following: Would any kind soul shed a light on this for me? Comment by Horang This mount is a very impressive piece of Alchemy. If you Alchemy specialized players are thinking of creating this mount, heres a very helpfull list and a few tips for ya.

You must have max Archaeology to learn this. It is learned randomly during Alchemy work, but the items that have a chance to show you are unknown by me, but are most likely Flasks. Your able to sometimes make more than 1 product from 1 set of mats!

This is a list of mats all broke down, so if your going to do this, read the list and then decide on what course of action you would like to take! Farmable off wow how to earn money with mining Cata fire elementals.

Farmable off of Cata air elementals. Farmable off of Cata water elementals. Farmable off of Cata earth elementals. Obtained from Cata herbs. Farmable off of some Cata plants. Alchemy cannot make or farm this, so you have to buy it from AH. Found in Cata water areas. Mainly farmed in Vashj'ir. Found near Cata rivers and lakes. Mainly farmed in Uldum x Found in all Cata areas besides Vashj'ir. Purchaced from any Alchemist supplies vendors. Fished out of cave's with innerpools in Deepholm Estimated time to do: The cooldown on transmuting really takes a good chunk of how to make money with own3d, so if your going to head down the made-from-scratch lane, expect a long walk.

If you skip transmuting and buy the materials yourself, this will go plently faster, but it will cost more. This is where you can ask yourself, would i rather spend the time farming this, or buy all the mats myself.

how to make money with tailoring wow cata fastest way

Farm herbs in Tol Barad. This area has every type of herb in a small area that enables you to gather your herbs quickly as opposed to the large terrain of Vashj'ir Tip 7: Before you farm elementals for Volatiles, use a so you have a better chance to get the materials and you can get done faster. I hope this somewhat lengthy guide has helped you World of Warcraft members! Comment by Mibopo Will this mount be usable in BG? Comment by KingNothing73 I've seen some people say that there are only four Tol'vir dig sites.

Yes, you can only get up to four at a timebut there are eight or nine different Tol'vir sites which can spawn. If you have one Tol'vir site already available, the chance of the new spawn being Tol'vir is If you have two, the chance is Having Tol'vir sites sahuayo market el dorado stockton ca available to you diminishes your probability of getting another one on a new spawn.

Due to this, it might not be a good idea to try to "load up" on them. If you get one, you should dig it as soon as possible. For instance, when I'm in northern Kalimdor and a Tol'vir site spawns, instead of working my way south and doing sites along the way, I hearth to Stormwind and then take the portal to Uldum. The probability differences may not seem like a lot, but due to the amount of grinding involved in this endeavor, it could save you a bit of time. Comment by Toxn I just picked this up today and it is pretty sweet.

Except the seating is messed up because when someone mounts me giggle they end up sitting inside of me. Plus my name shows up beneath me. Comment by mahunter Say hello to the new Mekgineer's Chopper Comment by Mythcaster Hey I am a night elf druid and I would've loved to do the quests but blizz took the quests out for a reason so don't wine about there being no quests any more.

Comment by kronchev Now that it's BOE, you have no reason to ever be an alchemist. Should we buy meridian shares took away the one cool thing Alchemy had!

Comment by Amazulu Per http: Comment by Crimsonlord I saw a horde with this one. Comment by Tyrelh I made this today and its very buggy atm, your name is showed on your feet and passanger will be carried on the feets too. Comment by ghostriderxxx What about mages and preists? Comment by Skoosh The quest as well as others were taken out because of QQ'ing. Why do druids have to do a quest when everyone else gets to train theirs I'll tell you why Comment by Simayi Some observations on the Vial of the Sands and the Sandstone Drake: For added hilarity, the imbiber of the Potion of Illusion can then 'mount' the other Drake if they're in the same party for some.

If you log off while you have a passenger, they won't get a parachute! Try taking your worst enemy or best friend for a flight high above, then tell them you have to go afk for a bit and see what choice they make! Comment by Claudija Options trading interactive brokers is saying Transmutation mastery and Elixir mastery For investing in iraqi stock exchange, my tailoring profession specialisation was Spellfire.

My LW was Dragonscale but lou moneymaker released the patch about two days after I finished the quest chain and now I'm just a tailor or just a leatherworker. That means all those comments about Elixir Mastery and Transmutation Mastery no longer apply so all Alchemists would need the same length of time to complete it.

Comment by iceissocold The quest line is still available and offers a FoS for finishing jetblue employee stock options. Comment by mahunter I've work out, this mount is gonna cost about 30k gold, 5 k gold for the Vial, the sands is gonna cost 24k gold, and any other mats gonna cost bout 1k, this is gonna be the new mekgineer's chopper.

Comment by Cryless I am able to craft this on Wildhammer-US, whisper Cryless. Credit risk in futures trading yes, goblin racial does provide a considerable discount for purchasing The Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial and Sands of Time. Comment by Greggs Just looks like the stonecore drake but a different colour, abit disappointing.

Comment by Sunaok All can get it right? It's not like, BOP for the alchemist right? Just need to get that straight: Comment by Gundam00 I JUST got my mount, and I think I'm the first on my server.

Anyways the info you provided was very helpful thank you! The mountspecial looks awesome, and the dismount thing for passengers helped alot! Comment by lconic Post on wow forums about not breaking shapeshift when transformed form Comment by GrubbyNE Ok, I got mine today and its a little buggy to say the least!

I dont think this is intended as it looks wierd and there is a saddle. Well will have to wait and see! Grubby - Silvermoon EU. Comment by Lidmo Costs 15g to deposit this for 48 hours in the AH. Submitted a screenshot of a guy using the Vial, had no passengers on: He had a mini version of the Sandstone Drake in the currently bugged passenger position.

If the ss doesn't get through, there's always this link. Sorry for the low quality though: S Only way to survive in SW without DC'ing new to stock trading india for nri. Comment by Deathturtle Got the recipe on Sunday, finished assembling the mats on Monday.

Monday I made 4 mounts for people charging 3K gold with their mats. The lack of a CD is very nice. I also put one up at auction for 55K, which I eventually took down and sold for 49K. I estimate my day one profit at 21k, maybe a bit less as I spent a bit of money for Truegold CD's and volatiles are still quite pricey.

I am currently assembling mats for 2 Vials now with the likely intent of keeping one for myself. I should have the next Vial complete tonight to go up on Auction again.

Although this was an extremely annoying grind to get the recipe, it appears to be paying dividends. At this point I know of only one other person on my server with the recipe, and that person does not appear to be marketing much or advertising much. I have talked to seeral achemists still trying for this and a few have mentioned they may just give up and get me to make them the mount.

For me I had to craft the base 7 commons, a fragment rare and an additional 10 commons to get the recipe, fragments with chart forex real time perhaps 4 Hieroglyphs I had very poor luck with those.

One poor fellow on my server has made 5 jars with no recipe. Comment by gobgobbutt I got the Vial of Sands recipe the other day after my third canopic jar. Took five days of 12 hours option strategies for low volatility day grinding. Over fragments and it's the only time getting 2 rares would annoy someone. Worth it in every way. I just made my mount and found a few things out.

At the moment you dont site on top, but rather you sit midair at the claws. The recipe grind and mats are not for the faint of heart. Please give some respect to those who did the grind for this. Going for a 5k tip on both of my servers and it's not comparable to the chopper because the grind for this is much worse than a grind to exalted.

Comment by grumphie I just got this recipe 4 days ago out of my first canopic jar. Now im only 5 trugold transmutes from the mount. From what ive heard I am at this point the only person on my server to obtain the recipe. Comment by Canizzz Just got this beauty on Wildhammer-EU Horde. Comment by Deathturtle I HAVE ONE QUESTION! Will a Elixir or Flask master EVER get a proc and make 2 of these from one set of mats? Since it is listed under mounts, im going to say no, but man, that would be legen Comment by Slisher If you have this awesome set of pixels, enter the Gnome Machine during Winter Veil when in drake form for laughs.

Comment by kittypants i will never tire of flinging nubs askin fer dragin how to make money in renting houses to their deaths: Comment by Ogisaki A friend of me told me that Tol'vir Fragments, the mount can drop whitout the Recipe is that correct?

Comment by Th3sorrow step 1: Comment by Skornaq Having recently obtained this mount, I figured I would share my experience with the people who, like me, are usually happy to see more than g. Consider it a beginners guide and a tale of my experience as well. I hope it helps. To start off, for you who never see more than a few thousand gold at a time, this is not impossible! Truegold will be a major money sink. Elementium on my server, Argent Dawn EU goes for g a stack, and whilst I cannot speak for the economies of other servers, the nodes have a good chance of yielding the Volatile Elements which sell just as well and will be useful later.

I used this route. With that route I was able to procure about 30 stacks in a 4 hour farming session. I recommend music and or, pizza. When you mine, you will come buy stock for green bay packers the Volatile elements of water, fire or earth, which you will want to amass in large quantities.

Every 30 or so stacks I would drop them on the AH, and they would be sold by morning. Another reason I say take mining is the chance of Volatile Elements and Pyrite.

These are key ingredients in Transmuting Truegold, and by doing so, you can save yourself g per bar of Truegold, assuming people sell their Cooldowns for fair prices.

Volatile air is obtainable from some sort of, engineering doo-dad that helps equity stock options startup air from mining and skinning, or you could buy it from the AH, I would guess for roughly 30g per 1, Again, using my servers economy.

However for those of you who have plenty of time or are tanks, queue for Vortex Pinnacle, it can yield 10 Volatiles a time if youre lucky. If you can, do it with friends, and ask them to pass the Airs over to you. Clear up to Altarius and reset, because after that, the mobs wont drop the air. As you slowly create your truegold bars and sell your elementium, you will, hopefully, see your wealth increasing, if only marginally at first.

I say this, get your Truegold out the way, you will need 12 bars. After the Truegold, maybe use some of your wealth to get the Flasks.

Flask of the Winds are about g per, on my server, and you will need 8. Flask of Titanic Strength are about g per, again, you need 8. Whilst assembling these, make sure you keep forex money management chart to your route of mining! Yes, other people may be there, but the nodes will respawn, and youre is the stock market closed on columbus day something, I know, I play the most populated EU server.

Now its the final 29k push, and if you have been mining like you should, you canadian software stock trading have a little left over. I had enough to buy the Pyrium Laced Crystaline Vial, thats 5k off the total. All in all, it took me a week of 5 hour farming sessions and selling Volatiles on the trade channel to get this mount.

Offer a generous tip to the craftsman, I paid 1k and fly away. I did not make this comment to gloat, and some of you will have better, more buisness like ways of making gold. So you pull in g an hour, I made this comment for the people who do not have such skill and may want a push in the right direction. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop by Argent Dawn EU and ask me. Tyrolen - Human Paladin. Hope this helps, and gets you on the way to carrying people on your back Edit- They took away my map, so I will simplify it as flying around the northern edge, down the western mountains, cutting over to the first cliffs you come across, flying over the vally with the diseased birds, and coming back up to the north-eastern most corner of the northern mountain range.

Edit 2 - I realise the prices are slightly exagerated, what with Cata now common place and the materials now being sold at a much more reasonable price, including the ore, but I would still stick to this method if only for the money and the cme fx futures trading hours you can mine.

Comment by Tormendead Anyone else think the recipe is a wee bit ridiculous drop? I mean first you have to have Tol'vir sites spawn, which only spawn in Uldum. Then you have to have the jar come up to build it and then you might actually have the chance of finding this recipe. Kinda reminds me of an old episode of Futurama where Fry's nephew finds oil in the basement of the mansion he won in the lottery. Comment by Espenbv Found this on AH for 40g, overpriced much?

Comment by Espenbv Sylvanas EU Horde. One of these on AH for k gold Comment by dubs Haven't seen this answered anywhere Does this have a normal mount cast time or is it an instant transformation? Comment by Prasiatko It is questionable if it is worth the time wasted on travel.

There are to variants: Variant A gathering TV digsite asap: Comment by Slonk I just got the Vial of the Sands Recipe on Nesingwary my first canopic jar I opened. And I can attest that a Anz bank currency exchange rates today friend on Blades Edge got it his very first jar as well.

Perhaps we are just super lucky though who knows. Comment by samdc This mount Is one hell of a farming, Unless you feel like having to much gold and just AH It all I've been farming hardcore for this mount now Will take a while but definatily worth It. Just, Can you already Imagine? I'm an engineer, So parachute cloak, Yeah bet you know whats next Use mount, Some stupid begger asking for gold?

Tell him to get on my mount, Oh yeah now the exciting part comes. Fly high In air, Dismount, Parachute cloak, Owned. Oh yeah thats just totally worth work from home jobs east lothian gold.

Can't wait untill I get It. The other mats costly ones are from http: Making the raw mats gold. It is Unemployment claims belajar forex so anyone can have it.

I'm not sure if you drink it and get a dragon form, or you have use the vial constantly to mount. I do know its 1. Once in dragon form you can allow people to jump on you and act as a passenger. You can not kick off the passenger but you can have some fun by un-mounting and slowfalling down or using birdform and watch as your passenger dies xD Hope this helps! Comment by Skinissinged Just to clear up any misconceptions, this mount is not an instant cast.

I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but I just made one today. Also, it is bugged just like the other dragon mounts: If you fly up high and 'shapeshift,' you will fall to your death - but your passenger will get a nifty little parachute. Also, if you try to strand a low-level friend on top of something and they don't have a way to fly, they will get a parachute as they jump off, as well.

Also, I confirmed that your passenger can be any level. Comment by Mellro First you need to have a max level in archaeology then go to U;dum and uncover canopic jars they have a very low drop-rate of containing the Alchemy recipe for this mount. Comment by Mellro the problem with this is that the vendor Yasmin she sells the vial and the 8 sands of time it how to read forex charts like a pro confirmed that she is NOT with a faction therefor you will NOT get a discount from the goblin racial blizz probably did this so it would be fair and to make everyone pay the same price.

Comment by Th3sorrow incorrect. You still get a discount as a goblin. Comment by samdc What do you mean? A begger Is usually around level Sometimes there's level 60's too with It, But Learning resources pretend & play calculator cash register I would dismount they would die anyway since they'r to retarded to have a parachute cloak rofl, Bet they don't even realize what It Is.

Comment by Saphris It took me about 2 weeks to farm the gold and materials for this mount, i sold it in the AH for 90k and bought the materials over again so i could make my friend one too. The drake currently has the same glitch as all the other stone drakes you appear below the claws and floating but only to the person riding you.

Also -a dissapointment- Taurens turn into the same size drake that everyone else turns into, its not bigger like most mounts taurens use. Comment by Bodes This does NOT cost 29,g to make! Comment by Alpen22 Hi all, Got this today and I can tell you the following. I think thats it really, anymore questions and I will answer them. Comment by junjun Is it worth getting? Comment by MetalGenocide Hi all, Got this today and I can tell you the following.

Comment by Supercool Reportedly, if you fly into Netherwing Ledge in Shadowmoon Valley while shapeshifted you'll get a "Can't mount while shapeshifted" error message, and be transformed into a Shadowmoon orc swimming through the air at mounted speed. Have yet to determine what would happen if you had a passenger at the time. Comment by zadck Someone made a joke somewhere in this thread or a related one about the Iron Boot Flask. You can indeed use it while mounted, and this mount is no exeption.

About 7 mins ago, I was flying around as a dwarf. I will try to post a screen shot. You have to mount THEN drink the flask. I almost died laughing. Comment by nensec One thing i want to know, can you use this in places where you cannot use flying mounts but can use ground mounts. Comment by Kelthlor I got this mount earlyer and i can conferm that there is a easy way to strand people without flying on high places, you simply fly about 5 feet above that place and dismount, they lose the para when they land and you and fly off on a diff mount.

Funny when people start calling hacks on your bad flying self. Comment by sharixtroll Playing with this and Potion of Illusion is typing work from home pretoria. With it you can both cast and fight as a dragon. Another reason I am asking is because we have a Vial of the Sands seller on my server that will make it for 5k gold and that has in his selling macro "I will keep all procs.

Comment by JacobFaulkner I have collected data from around WoWhead to create a Powerpoint on the best way to collect the items with the lowest cost etc. Pretty awesome i think. I've uploaded it to a file hosting website - Check it out here! Comment by JacobFaulkner I've created a "guide" to help get the 'Vial of the Sands' at the lowest possible price. It requires a bit of work and farming though! I've taken a lot of information from WoWhead and compiled it!

Check it out here! Comment by Aisenfaire When a player is "mounted" on you the Sandstone Drake, he doesn't actually appear on your back. Instead, you appear to be carrying him in your claws. Comment by Vashi The Orb of the Sin'dorei and Iron Boot Flask can both be used while already transformed into the Sandstone Drake to I'll let you take a guess.

Down-rated should i buy bp stock now informing you how to look like a flying Blood Elf or Iron Dwarf? Comment by Ouroro this should be a BOA pattern.

Cause no one should have to level Arch twice. Comment by Caldnar If you are in drake form, when you pass through the areas in shadowmoon valley that would normally turn you into a Fel orc on a Netherdrake, you will turn into a flying orc.

Up, up and awaayyyy Comment by Verrk 1. Comment by Nulgar Skornaq, check the time of the posts. They were written before the mount was made BoE. Downrate outdated posts, but don't be cocky about it. Comment by k0st4s I'm wondering, is it possible to kick do dallas cowboy cheerleaders make a lot of money of the mount?

I tried with a low level 68I was in group with him, but then I kicked him and he was aswell kicked off the mount. I recently tryed it again, on a high-level set selected option jquery by index and this method did not work. Anyone reading candlesticks forex any better suggestion?

Recently saw a post by Simayi, you can kick people of the mount using saxo bank stock trading following command: Comment by Grippo Feel like being a big-ass dragon like Deathwing?

Drink up as many stacks of http: Expect angry whispers from people in Orgrimmar when you do this. Comment by Tanman28 You do realize that Thunderbrew's Hard Ale doesn't make you big anymore. Comment by Yvilinn Using Orb of the Sin'dorai in dragon form transforms you into a flying, mountable blood elf: Comment by dracoix99 well not all forex robot review 2011 us youngsters skip the quests, theres something about doing it that brings a tad bit of pride.

Comment by Wetfish Can process waitforexit timeout carry a passenger while not flying? Comment by zadck Very good question Wetfish. Not even sure anyone said it. From my experience, you CANNONT use this "mount" in places where you may not use flying mounts. Obviously, there are far fewer of these now in Cata, but some include Once again, from my experiences arena, Blood elf starting areas, and battlegrounds.

Whats interesting is that the Recruit a friend rocket which I haveIS usable in no fly zones. This leads me to believe that the Sandstone Drake is strictly considered a flying mount. This may or may not be working as intended, but im thinking it is not working as intended. Comment by moonshoter I make this Mount and sell it for 53 k, I make about 15 k profit when I make it on my shammy and it sells allmost right way. I can make more but i end paying for truegold CDs.

I May just start holding out and make even more and farm everything. I know a few players that let me use there truegold cd no charge everyday and even give me anything over what they make, them being xmute spec.

Comment by Hailscorn If you combine this mount with a Murloc Costume you get: With passenger seat ofc. I also experienced a strange bug when playing around on this mount with my friend. I'm not sure what i did, but it ended up with my friend sitting on my raptors head If any 1 understands why this happened, please inform us! Comment by Cantona I was under the impression that the actual vial was either BoP, or required alchemyso that only alchemists could obtain this mount.

Now it appears that anyone with enough gold and an alchemist friend can get it. Was it always like this or did Blizzard change it so that anyone could get this mount? Comment by Isolde I have not seen this question asked, so I will go ahead, since I've been wondering: Does anyone know if this mount does the same?

For the amount of awesome packed into it, not to mention the amount of gold and other materials it takes to craft it, I say that it certainly should. Comment by sixsigma9 I read through some comments but couldn't find an answer to a probably really silly question which is maybe why no one has askedhere goes: Is there any chance that this item can at all possibly proc' another one when created? I ask because I'm currently an elixir master, but I don't really sell my stuff. I might have to sell my wares and herbs now to be able to buy the mats in preparation to someday get this, but for now I'm really casual and am not the farm type That being said, it wouldn't really kill me to switch from elixir to transmutes, in other words - and assuming so many will just want to buy this thing, who knows maybe an extra will proc for me: IF it actually does proc.

Thanks for your time. Comment by don If you are a transmute specialist can you proc more then 1? Comment by Tuffcookie in soviet penny stock trading td ameritrade, mounts use you! Comment by FieryVamp7 my concern is whether or not the potion u make is a 1 time use potion or if its like a endless Mana potion where u make it once n use it as often as u like?

Comment by theorangebox It's obviously a one-time use elixir yes, enjoy your 40k expensive ride. Comment by zunit3z Got this today - cost me roughly 40k or so in mats - plus 5k gold tip. Comment by Cutehusky Got this today on the lightinghoof server alliance side AH for 55 gold. I am so happy. Given how ridiculously difficult this was to get, couldn't we at least get a meager 10pt achievement for it? Also, in guild achievements it shows when someone gets or makes an epic item, such as looting a purple from a heroic, however my obtaining my vial of the sands and being able to turn myself into a dragon woohoo!

I'm hoping there was a bug and we really are supposed to get an achievement. Does option research trading strategies pdf in hindi know what the status of this is? Comment by Ivar I was wondering if you could trade the vial itself. It doesn't say its BoP so I guess you could actually sell it to other stock market with fake money. Your statement is conflicting information.

Comment by imperfectimage Just got the recipe so I am unsure as to how much it goes for now. I did see one in AH for 45 k for like a week, then the person dropped it to 44k but I don't think that sold either. I tried charging 3k for making it but 2 people never responded after asking me and one person said that he was being charged by another person although he did say it was his friend.

So I am wondering, is 3k overpriced? Comment by Mellro lol somebody could use this then passenger gets on saddle and says "hey guys look at my new mount! Comment by NOTolgarius http: Comment by Fugitivelama I created one of these to see if it would sell at k. I made it late on a friday night and while I had some interest I did not sell it till early on sunday morning for 50k.

I then made another and it sold within 45minutes of the first one. I then made another drake which sold that evening. I made a 4th drake which sold again within 45mintues of the last one actually had a buyer before I had all the mats. All 4 sold for 50k each. I now posses a 5th drake for sale. When they stop selling it will be minebut not untill!

I seriously rocked the economy on my server yesterday. With the 4 drakes I sold and 5th made I removed almost k from the server forever vendor mats. I single handedly drove the price of Truegold from g upto g by the days end. I profited around 15k per drake sold. I love this mount! Comment by Nifel I don't see this anywhere so I thought I should mention it: I've found that Iron Boot Flask and Orb of the Sin'dorei works while being in drake form.

As an iron dwarf you swim through the air and as a blood elf you actually run through the air with long strides, like you have when you run at the ocean floor in Vashj'ir.

Your passenger, if you have one, ends up on your arm. Comment by c0h3n I have created a thread on the forums to collect the drop rate of Recipe: Vial of the Sands from Canopic Jar for alchemists.

Alchemists interested in contributing data can visit it here. Comment by amerow wow, i spent hours leveling my paladins archaeology only to find the recipe is BoP and i cant give it to my alchemist: Comment by Elrendara This is a recipe for the Vial of the sands with every Item you'll need to make enough for two people.

Good luck with the farming for some items if you want to save the 16, gold for the two items you buy in Uldum.

Truegold x 24 72 Pyrium Bar 60 Volatile Water 60 Volatile Air 60 Volatile Fire Sands of Time x 40 6, gold Pyrium Laced Crystalline Vial x2 10, gold Flask of the Winds x 16 96 Volatile Life Azshara's Veil Whiptail 16 Crystal Vial Flask of Titanic Strength x 16 96 Volatile Life Cinderbloom Whiptail 16 Crystal Vial Deepstone Oil x 16 16 Albino Cave Fish.

Comment by Zhell Mount up, get a passenger and use your Orb of the Sin'dorei for great lulz! Comment by Discolies You can gift wrap the vial with Blue Ribboned Wrapping paper and probably the other papers. Birthday gift of the year! Comment by blazzerm Best way to get the mats for Vial of Sands is to do this http: Comment by gingerjordan OK, so I bought one then wondered What happens if I use my Ironboot flask.

But then I thought What if my passenger uses a potion of illusion to turn into a drake, then mounts me as a dwarf Original post and links can be found on the normal wow forums: Comment by goryu As of 4.

Comment by nostic I have now solved 28 Canopic Jars and still no recipe. I have now closed my account which will be expiring March 3rd. As of now I have over 20K NE frags and 12K Fossil, I have quit solving all artifacts except Tol'Vir This is the worst grind I have ever experienced in any game.

Normally I really enjoy this game, however it is now dead to me. Screenshot with frags and number of jars completed. Comment by Mystikan put them back on the neutral AH and quickly buy them out on your main. Comment by thorismud Every time I've tried that the auction-botters snatch anything you put on the neutral AH for anything much less than its normal going price.

Because they're bots, they snatch the auction within a few milliseconds of you placing it, so it's gone by the time you click on the Auctioneer to pick the item up on your alt. I complained to the GMs about it but they just said bad luck, you're not supposed to be trading between Alliance and Horde and using auction-snatching bots isn't against the rules apparently, so too bad.

Comment by halflife I don't spam trade but throw a "Looking for" times per day during peak hours, finding an alchemist on my server is harder then actually trying to get Uldum dig sites to pop up.

Comment by Iheartgardevoir Finally got mine. Now my friends can finally ride me, OBBY. Comment by Hailscorn Got nerfed in 4. Thank you Blizzard for ruining the most funny mount in WoW Comment by rezist when switching warrior stances in mount form, it does a clawing animation.

Apparently you can also solve archaeology items while in mount form. Comment by AutumnsBurning lol. Comment by SSTHZero Got mine yesterday. I bought some flasks and transmuted others some flasks on AH was more cheap than craft ittransmuted all Truegolds easy as Transmute Master and asked a goblin to buy the expensive Sands of Times and the Vial.

Searched for someone yesterday morning to transmute it for me, someone wanted g for the job Comment by Incineratur Got this, costed me roughly 45k on Elune. Dang you blizz for actually fixing something Comment by Keelerak thorismud Every time I've tried that the auction-botters snatch anything you put on the neutral AH for anything much less than its normal going price. Comment by Skornaq 4. Comment by Tartelet me zapped being mounted by a friend: Comment by malafides21 I am a dragon, your arguments are invalid.

Comment by tws49 I know its a nooby question but i have to ask,As a vial its not a potion and it wont expires after use or i am wrong? Cause 40K maybe its not that hard to obtain in this Expansion but 40K each time to do one simple thing? Comment by noahxx anyone know how to get one for cheap or atleast another flying mount for cheapest price if can 2 person mounts are great.

Comment by Nephon Someone sold it to me for only I figure that is pretty good considering 12 truegold costs 10k gold and the mats from teh vendor cost then 1k for the rest: Comment by Eihrister Did anyone try this with Shadowform as a Priest? Does it work the same way as with any other mount, making you a shadowed version of the Sandstone Dragon? Considering getting this on my priest: Comment by SHalash47 I have a shadow priest and am farming the mats right now.

I will post when I get it if some other priest doesn't do it first. Comment by Donavin NOTE: Comment by Juzard As of the patch 4. So now it will really be the traveller mammoth of cata: Comment by Olujche I cant belive one guy on my server frostmane europewants to sell this for 60k, and asking 15k fee for making whit your matz xD And i saw mount on AH for 50k few times People get lucky and they become VERY gready.

I farmed this recepie for about hours, finaly i gave up, now im searching for normal crafter whit normal fee. Comment by jstmarc It is amazing to me all of the people who complain about being greedy and selling things on the auction house. If you can't pay for it, or, don't want to pay for it, then don't.

You just said yourself that you had spent hrs trying to farm the recipe You could have farmed enough gold in that time to buy it or to put together the mats to have it made. Some may have gotten lucky to have this recipe drop early, but, for some of us, we work for a very long time. Maybe, some of us would like to get a return for that time - instead of giving it away for nearly nothing. If someone doesn't want to farm the recipe or the materials to get this made, then pay the auction house premium - that's a normal business model - not greed.

Comment by krash so if this mount is made by an alchemist, and herbalism goes hand in hand whith alchemy, why cant you hearb without being dismounted as this mount like a driud cna in his bird form? The finding of this recipes does in fact not count towards progress of the proffesor-title. It dosent count as a rare item in the archievement! Perhaps if we find all the parts Blizz will actually start working again.!

Comment by Nulgar Because it is a mount, not a shapeshift. Particular mounts never give you any ingame advantage over other mounts of that speed. Comment by kovachattack I'll wait until our guild has the "bartering" guild perk. Comment by bateh For all the trouble to get it, and for the price, it should be a proto-drake So there's a fifty fifty chance to get your friends killed: Comment by Moes Buyout Price: Comment by fmungall Learning this mount will now be its own achievement as of PTR 4.

Vial of the Sands - Learn how to transform into a dragon and carry an ally. MMO Champ Vial of the Sands. Comment by Naturalherb ok, did blizz nerf this to speed. New Rare materials list: Comment by pimpofdoom would this work with a priests shadowform if so im saving up my gold for this lol.

Comment by Hjalle32 Best 41k ever spent. Comment by Catlover74 Buyout price: Comment by Rubyheart As of 4. Comment by JusticarTVC Finally got the recipe today, the statistics are as follows; Canopic Jar - 11 Castle of Sand - 14 Soapstone Scarab Necklace - 19 Cat Statue with Emerald Eyes - 14 Tiny Oasis Mosaic - 18 Sketch of a Desert Palace - 16 Engraved Scimitar Hilt Took me a long time, around months with some breaks. Started right after getting my Phosphorescent Drake.

Comment by agonding I just wish this item had a higher iLvl so that it could count toward the Master Crafter guild achievement. Comment by Falcorian A few things we found out testing it today: If the rider logs out, they'll log back in in the middle of the air and fall If you summon the transformed player, the rider is taken along with them.

Comment by runNEOrun Not even knowing it, I got my first Canopic Jar and wouldn't you know it, there was the Vial of the Sands! Unfortunately, I don't have enough gold to craft my own mount but I was going to try and sell my new found ability to earn some gold.

What is the going price for this service? Comment by SHalash47 I have seen it go down to around g. Comment by junai So do you need max Alchemy skill for both the discovery of the Canopic Jar AND the crafting? Or can you find it just with max Archaeology skill and send the recipe to your Alcemy alt? Comment by Arkantior You can farm for it on an archaeology alt then send it to a similar faction character who has max alchemy and then your alt can make it and from that vial made you can either sell that on the ah 37k on my server although it;s gone for 45k so I hear or you can use it for your main char or alt.

Comment by purplebubbleswew Can you kick the rider off of you? I can't seem to find a button like the one for the motorcycle or anything. Humans get increased rep gain, which was never fixed. Used to be more of an issue prior to tabbards. Comment by waixingren This is BOE, it sells for 40, gold on my server! Comment by Technowitch After spending more days combing Kalimdor than I care to admit, constructing endless Elven and Fossil artifacts, as they say, "I found a guy.

I belong to a 2 person guild, but we had the means to make the Truegold and the Flasks. Coming up with the other 29k gold for the Sands of Time and Pyrium-laced Vial was harder, and it looked like it'd take me weeks if not months esp. Then one day an epic shield dropped in Tol Barad -- off a trash mob.

Sold it for 15k another small miracle. At that point, with a small loan from a good friend, I was able to buy all the vendor-provided mats. I tipped in extra Truegold bars. It's a ridiculous amount of in-game gold, but it's still the best 29k I ever spent. It's been months since Cata went live, but there aren't very many of us Sandstone Drakes around on my server, and I've come close a couple times to macro'ing an explanation as to why there wasn't anybody on my back.

Comment by Genuinea Now that were in 4. Comment by LuckyGhoul Herbed my buns off and got all the flasks made for free. Comment by ishawmsyou its going to cost me 37k to make it and cost 12k tip to make. Comment by Henshin86 Yeah, I wasted three days of my life on my flight form quest and all I got was a lousy feat of strength achievement t-shirt. Comment by JET47 when i want to transfer money between horde and alliance i find someone on the other side with both types of chars who has enough money, and give him my money on one side for his on the other; no auction house cut.

Comment by outstanding Slightly changed skin in the ptr, darker wings and the golden parts are now glowing. Comment by 0xfeeddeadbeef Wowhead showing buyout price 2 g. Comment by Leat nostic No wonder you hated the game so much, look at that UI! Comment by samdc They changed the wings, Which quite dont fit now, since the body is like light, which fitted with old wings, if they make wings more dark might aswell do with body.

Comment by croopy I finally got this recipe. I spent about two months doing nothing but archaeology, playing approximately two hours per day. I found it in my ninth canopic jar. I had completed almost exactly archaeology projects by that point.

Only missing the four epic weapons plus the six new rares added for 4. Comment by Vadelus Interesting note: Comment by Sattanin Do you have to be an alchemist to use this? Comment by Kosume Interesting note: Comment by Littlekong Can you proc on making this?

Comment by Hellcat If you want to be this drake, inside the instance Get potion of illusion. Target someone who's transformed into Sandstone Drake.

Enter dungeon or raid instance. If you lucky to have priest in your group, ask for levitate. Ta-dam, you are inside instance Comment by Lostelf This mount can be used to turn into a flying pirate gnome here is how Get burgy blackhearts handsome hat from vash'jir use vial of sands Comment by Thortok Thortok's guide to getting a Vial of the Sands! Two passenger flying mount.

You actually transform into a dragon that has nobody sitting on your back, and can fly around that way or offer someone in your group a ride on your back. Don't have to be an Alchemist to become a dragon. Do have to be an Alchemist and an Archaeologist to make a vial. Don't have to own one to ride on someone else. Gives an achievement to have it: Vial of the Sands. Alchemists Only Get to at least Archaeologyand Alchemy. Alchemists Only Continue to do Archaelogy on the Kalimdor continent, specifically Tol'vir digsites if possible, until you get Canopic Jar.

Alchemists Only Open your Canopic Jar and hope it contains a Recipe: Vial of the Sandsand if so, then learn it. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 as necessary.

While it is possible for the recipe to appear even if you are not yet at Alchemy, it will only appear to Alchemists of a certain level of skill; so I recommend staying on the safe side and getting to Alchemy first.

You'll need it anyway to actually learn the recipe! Gather 12x Truegold8x Flask of the Winds8x Flask of Titanic Strengthand 8x Deepstone Oil. Hopefully you can figure out how to do this on your own. Save up gold or the following items: Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial will cost gold. These mats can only be bought from Yasmin in the far northwest of Uldum.

Obviously, don't buy them for more than the listed price. The mats from Steps 4 and 5 will be used to make the vial. If you are not an Alchemist, you will need to find one that has completed Step 3 and you'll have to give them the mats to make it. No other forms of discounts are currently known. If you do not have this perk, you can check the Auction House to see if someone who does is selling at a discount. Since it could potentially save you money, why not check?

In order for them to confirm it was a scam, make sure the entire transaction is negotiated using in-game text chat so the GM can read the chat log and confirm that you have been scammed.

This 'scam protection' is provided for all forms of scams, including the 'give you the mats to make an item and you keep them and give me nothing' scam, as scamming is against the ToS! I recommend, for Alchemists making this for yourself, after you make your first one, check your realm to see if there's anyone willing to buy this for extremely high prices like, 60k or higher, perhaps even 80k.

If you get enough profit, make another one and attempt to sell it. Keep going until you don't get any buyers for awhile, making and selling one by one, and then if you go a long time and can't sell your current one for a profit, THEN learn it yourself. Comment by metop this is a good mount, but I am dispoint that I cant buy it from the AH, because my realm is small realm.

LOL, share this, hope it is useful to who interested in this staff! Comment by BigZ With Elixir Master is it possible to get more than one Vial of the Sands. Comment by Alfonsvonpit nope, because you are not making any potions,elixirs or transmutes, you are crafting.

Comment by Romora Everyone with enough mats to get this is a nerd he types while sighing and reflecting on his lack of mats.

Comment by Isiwien I reckon crafting fees to be around g nowadays. Provided that the customer provides all materials. There is no cooldown when creating the vials. You can spam your gold away! This is probably one of the best ways of transfering gold between servers. Keeping it in your inventory won't work. Vial of the Sands for learning to create this mount this is thought to have around 9.

Putting the finished mount on AH costs 7. The craft can NOT procc. All alchemists with the required skill can learn and craft it. RNG is however RNG, and only RNGesus can control it. To eject a passenger, use the following macro: Blizzard did not like the goblin racial affecting the price of this so they set the minimum price to: Comment by BlitzKriegJesus Haha Needless to say I promptly picked it up!

Comment by Isiwien As of this mornings rolling resets the Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial and Sands of Time does NOT work with Best Deals Anywhere.

Seems like a hotfix. I'm now a sad panda. The prices are now set at andeven for goblins. Comment by AWildmann Just to add to the awesomeness of the post, you can count Demonology warlocks into the non-splat, if you turn into Demon Form and use Demon Leap just a bit before reaching the ground, it will save you from the fall damage. Comment by Deathturtle As per the latest hotfix, the goblin discount on the Sands and Vial no longer apply. Look for AH prices to be going up.

Comment by Hanz0 anyone took a minute and thought about worgens that use this? Comment by Xanthiras 1. Give this expensive gift to an attractive female guildmember.

Comment by N0VIS I discovered a few amusing bugs with this item when used with http: Furthermore, people can ride you and while they are you can dance and flip them around.

My favourite is this: Log back in, and you should be a ghost gnome riding the the "ghostified" Sandstone Drake. If you take the hat off, you will become a Sandstone Drake on top of another Sandstone Drake. People can also ride you while in this state, and can even use a Potion of Illusion and you have two Sandstone Drakes on top of one. I hope you enjoy these bugs as I have, as there's a chance they'll be removed. As of Patch 4. Comment by Ampelphase The Goblin Discount does not work for the Vendoritems anymore from now on.

Comment by Aerozia Best thing to do: Fly out into water, keep going until you are almost out of fatigue. Comment by christianjlo Due to the changes made for the buying items that are 29k were 20,3k now are 26,1k with the guild perkthe price for this mount is somewhat between 34k and 38k. I sold them for like 35k. Comment by Malasia It is a great idea! I see roleplayers use it alot.

Comment by Ampelphase With 4. Using a goblin won't help you to save money anymore. Comment by TheKefenator This video is a realy pro glitchyou can use with this mount and Burgey Blackheart's Handsome Hat. Comment by FabledRaven Wow, 29k gold just to get started with this thing. Now I see why the gold sellers have been working over time with their spamming. Note to Blizzard, if you want to combat gold sellers, don't make in game items that require 29 THOUSAND GOLD!

Just to get started on. Comment by koolme26 Just bought mine. Final cost came out to about 36, Comment by Urdaddy I have a question, since i am not an alchemist but i have a guildy who is and has already learned the recipe to make the vial of the sands, can i give him all of the neccessary mats to make it and so i can drink the potion to learn the recipe and get the acheivement and transform into the dragon?

Comment by Zacus In my opinion. Change the color of the mount depending on the class Comment by Wazdakka What I really want to know is where do people actually GET gold! Comment by Nechryael Not sure if anyone has mentioned, but if you have a Potion of Illusion, and use it next to someone who is using this you then turn into the drake, but are unable to fly, instead you just jump; but you are able to go into banks, AH, basicially anywhere because you are not mounted, just in the form of a mount.

Comment by WoWitsAice Just got mine today. Spent about 32k on all the mats. The guy who crafted it for me didn't even want a tip. Comment by WoWitsAice Uhhhh I don't want mine to be pink. Comment by Kasa24 People seem to be quite jerks about the tip for this thing. After spending 33,G on the materials for this thing, I really don't want to have to shell out another G for a person to click one button.

Mind you, I'll still tip - just not an exorbitant amount. I realize that they spent some time grinding for the Vial, but I don't care who you are - if you really spent thousands of gold to level up alchemy,all to make money off of tips for this thing, you're an idiot. Sell it on the Auction House, but don't severely overcharge a person who went out and got their own mats. I'd much rather go out and get this item on my own alchemist than pay people like that, and that's just what I'll do.

Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and even get Zin'rokh in the process. Comment by athrun66 i'm an alchemist and i grinded for weeks to get this recipe and still no luckif i ever get this recipe your damn right i will charge a hefty price for the craft ,considering how much it costs me to actually get it and you can spend months doing nothing but archy and not find thisand then pops some1 in trade saying looking for an alchemist with VOS recipe tipping well and then to find out he is tipping 20 gold for your craft ,with all due respect bite me.

Comment by Blinkn I was saving for this for quite a while and then the other day someone was spamming trade chat to sell one, i sent them a tell just to see price and they were asking for 29k. Comment by linesv99 Anyone on Kul' Tiras server, that can make Vial of Sands? Please contact me, my char name is Fililia Horde.

Comment by SalviaDivin Got my recipe in my 4th canopic jar, if I didn't I probably woulda gave up. I thought Id make a ton of gold selling these, but on my server Agamaggan US, Ive only sold one so far on ah, and only crafted one for someone.

Both only making like 1. Its almost more lucrative just to craft truegolds and flask and sell them instead of risking in vendor mats to sell for 36k on ah. And only get like I thought if I found this recipe I would sell a ton of these, but I guess not on a low pop server.

Стратхольм - Игровая зона - World of Warcraft

Oh well at least I made some gold, and made one for myself. Pricing on my server: Not to mention at least a 1k crafting fee for the major PITA charge for finding the recipe. Comment by Leishai I made a list of gimmick items which you can use to transform your character into a different form or race or even gender to play around with.

I didn't add items like weapons that provide a procc with a transform effect that only lasts a few seconds even though I know about them. My intention was to list all items with controlable transformations. Feel free to let me know if I missed an item! I want to thank all the people below my lists who pointed out items I missed! This list grows thanks to your effort as well!

Thanks guys, you're great! Fandral's Flamescythe Molten cat while in cat form Druids only Til shifting out of form - Burning Seed Molten cat while in cat form Druids only Til shifting out of form 2s Glyph of Disguise Any human you pickpocket Rogues only 5m - Charred Glyph Anyone else Mages only 2m 30m Leyara's Locket Druid of the Flame 5m 1h Kalytha's Haunted Locket Ghostly female Highborne 30m 15m Blessing of the Old God Qiraj 20s 10m Burgy Blackheart's Handsome Hat Gostly pirate gnome Til unequipping the item - Orb of the Sin'dorei Blood elf 5m 30m Orb of Deception Race of opponent faction 5m 30m Bones of Transformation Male Naga 20s 10m Pygmy Oil Voodoo gnome 10m - Deepstone Oil Stony appearance Til cancelled 1s Stave of Fur and Claw Furbolg 3m 1h Carved Ogre Idol Red Ogre 10m 10m Magical Ogre Idol Red Ogre 5m 30m Savory Deviate Delight Ninja or pirate 60m - Noggenfogger Elixir Skeleton 10m - Gordok Ogre Suit Ogre 10m - Super Simian Sphere Gorilla in a bubble 5m 1h Iron Boot Flask Iron Dwarf 10m 1h Muradin's Favor Frost Dwarf 10m 30m Vial of the Sands Sandstone Drake Til cancelled - Heart of the Nightwing Obsidian Nightwing Til cancelled - Potion of Illusion Someone else 2m - Winter Veil Disguise Kit Snowman Til cancelled - Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest Blue dragon Til cancelled - Dire Brew Dark Iron Dwarf Til cancelled - Wisp Amulet Wisp 20s 10m Time-Lost Figurine Arakkoa 5m 30m Lifegiving Seed Random herb Til cancelled - Frenzyheart Brew Wolvar 5m 30m Hook of the Master Angler Fish Til cancelled - Magic Eater Basilisk, locust, whelp, or whisp 1m 1s Underbelly Elixir Wasp, Tuskarr 10m - Moonfang's Paw Moonfang the wolf 10m 1h Rituals of the New Moon Giant wolf 2m 10m Rituals of the New Moon Black wolf 2m 10m Rituals of the New Moon Red wolf 2m 10m Rituals of the New Moon White wolf 2m 10m Orb of the Blackwhelp Black whelp 15m - Faded Wizard Hat Apprentice of a different race Horde only 30m 30m Arcanite Ripper Guitarist of the Tauren Chieftains 10s 1m Sun-Lute of the Phoenix King Guitarist of the Tauren Chieftains 10s 1m Vrykul Drinking Horn Bigger and with saronite helm 10m 1s Moonfang Shroud Gives you a wolf helmet 10m 1h Kang's Bindstone Stony appearance 10m 1h Ai-Li's Skymirror Like a targeted player when using 10m 1h Mr.

Smite's Brass Compass Mister Smite 30m 2h Aqua Jewel Makes you nearly invisible 10m 1h Krastinov's Bag of Horrors Doctor Theolen Krastinov 30m 2h Hozen Beach Ball Beach Clothes 30m 2h Shard of Archstone Mogu stature 5m 2h Scotty's Lucky Coin Forest Sprite 10m 10m Demon Hunter's Aspect Demon Hunter 5m 30m Magic Bamboo Shoot Panda cub 10m - Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner Skeleton mariner 10m 2h Fire-Watcher's Oath Ordon Fire-Watcher Til cancelled 1h Celestial Defender's Medallion Celestial Defender 15m 2h The following items you cannot get anymore.

Only to complete the list. Gnomeregan Pride Gnomeregan Infantry Alliance only 30m 4h Darkspear Pride Darkspear Warrior Horde only 30m 4h Enchanted Moonstalker Cloak Moonstalker 5m - Murloc Costume Murloc costume Til cancelled - Dartol's Rod of Transformation Furbolg 3m 1m. Comment by thycondrius i bought it today, final price: Comment by Sibrina So what you're saying is you're cheap. Comment by joethedwarf hmmm go into an under-the-world glitch, drop him off, see where the parachute takes him.

Comment by Blizzardtoon This mount is sick my friend has it but I can't find an alchemist that has this recipe I have all the mats besides the vial and sands but I have the gold to buy them. So if there is an alchemist on mannoroth server with this recipe please send me an in game message ; thank you.

Comment by Donut UPDATE:

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